Will Ron make a cyberpunk game?

Well why shouldn’t he?

Please elaborate further more.
What is a cyperpunk game, in your opinion?

I think he is referring to something like:

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I was discussing this in private with @ZakPhoenixMcKracken - can Full Throttle be considered Cyberpunk?

I mean, the towns look kind of futuristic / post-apocalyptic, there are hovercars, a whole band of bikers that use infrared visors and other strange technologies.

You should maybe start another topic for this interesting question. :wink: I would say no, because there are not enough computers. But according to Wikipedia it could be.

Cyberpunk has a very broad defintion. Mostly it´s the look and feel. Often it´s high tech mixed with hardboiled story telling. Sometimes it´s mostly about augmented reailites, virtual realities or body enhancements. It´s probably certain to say if it combines a detective or crime story (Neuromancer was all about smuggeling) with that distinct dystopian Heavy Metal look (as in the comic magazine), it´s cyberpunk.

I have no answer to the question, though I have no idea if Ron is a fan of the genre at all.

We have cyberpunk elements in TWP, especially at the end. But I can’t remember a game from him where he used cyberpunk (but I haven’t played all of his games). So I would say that it’s not likely to see a Cyberpunk game from him. He seems to be more the Fantasy guy. :-). But at the end only @RonGilbert can answer this question.

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Who knows what the future will bring?


I want him to make something like this:-

Or even better! :wink:
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I’m not really into cyberpunk, or steampunk, so the answer is no.

Now… real punk, that’s a whole different matter…


I’m not much into punk but I would love to see a game set in London’77 with a punk crew stealing stuff and causing havoc. Next to pirates, punks seem to be the perfect adventure game heroes.

Trainspotting - The Game

Which could work because at least the book switches between characters.

Join the quest to overcome your crippeling heroin addiction. Yay!


Actually, Monkey Island has some elements which I have always considered steampunkish… in a very peculiar way, though.

And unique! I can’t remember any game with punks as the main (story) element.

Your idea isn’t bad. If it’s good designed It could be a very good game with an interesting and thrilling story.

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