Mysterious news about "Beneath a Steel Sky". Maybe a sequel?

I’m really excited to hear news about one of my favorite adventure games! :slight_smile:

I was reading this thread on AdventureGamers forum. It seems that somebody wrote to Revolution Software asking about “Beneath a Steel Sky”.

Here is what Revolution Software replied:

“Whilst we don’t have anything concrete we can share right now, we do hope that we have some exciting BASS news to share in the not too distant future.

Sorry I’ve only been rather vague in this email, but we do hope you’ll be excited by some news we’ll be able to publicly share soon!”

Given that in February 2016 Cecil said that a sequel for “Beneath a Steel Sky” was one of the possible upcoming projects for the software house, I really hope that the game will get its well-deserved second chapter!

Are there any BASS fans, in the forum? :slight_smile:

(this is an image from the remastered intro of the game)


I played it. It looked great and I love cyberpunk in general, but I can’t remember anything about the game so I don’t think I was impressed. Still, I wouldn’t mind a sequel.

So I actually checked old saved games and found my note next to them (sometimes I would write a short review after playing). It seemed I liked the start of the game and was disappointed by the second half. I noted “pity there wasn’t a sequel”, haha.
I played this in 2003 and really, I remember nothing about it.

That’s funny! :smile:

I like BASS not just because of its cyberpunk style but also because it had a very serious and violent story compared to the cheerful adventure games that I played at the time.

The fact that the intro images were drawn by Dave freakin’ Gibbons was nothing less than epic. Seeing the artist behind Watchmen drawing something for an adventure game made me think that the genre was mature enough to attract the attention of important artists.

I hope for the sequel they do all the game like the remastered intro! :yum:

I remember the robot companion was a good character, but apart from this I confess I am not a big fan of this game. Mostly because of the puzzles.

I liked the game and the ending (that was re-used in The Feeble Files and a little bit in Thimbleweed Park). But I don’t know if we need another BASS. The story has an ending. But I was not a fan of the Broken Swort sequels either. :slight_smile:

I’m a big BASS fan and would really like to see another game set in the same universe!
Preferably in a similar art style like the original one (i.e. pixel art and not expensive HD graphics).

Since the Kickstarter for Broken Sword 5 fans have high(er) hopes for a sequel (btw. look at the last [albeit quite stupid] stretch goal).

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Would HD graphics be more expensive to draw?

Oh, yes, I remember that stretch goal. As stupid it was, just the fact that it existed renewed my hopes for a BASS sequel. :slight_smile:

I always liked this games title, but not until now did I realise it has one of the most unintentional hilarious abbreviations ever.

One of my favorite games… it was serious, but it also did have some great humor and banter with the robot to keep it entertaining…
Also need the sequel to ToonStruck and one for Amazon Queen…

There are just more pixels to draw and animate which takes more time equals money, or you reduce details (e.g. comic style).
They have used 3D models for characters with Broken Sword 5 to get HD sprites, but it sounded like all those HD backgrounds were quite expensive to draw.

There is also some discussion here: