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The 2020 what are we playing thread

New year, new thread.

So, I picked Geheimakte Tunguska back up (see here). Some guy needs to be rescued from the bottom of a well. Now we know this is one of those adventure games where you don’t do the logical thing, so you can’t call 112, 999 or 911, but to my surprise the game didn’t block me from rowing back from the island to the mainland. But now the mainland is just the same 4 rooms it always was… just without any of the characters. Well then.


Played Indiana Jones and the Relic of the Viking. Short and a bit rough around the edges, but overall nicely done. What baffled me the most was “Use” not being “Use … with …”. So it was basically of no use. Not sure if that was the same in Fate of Atlantis.

I’m also finally over the disappointment that were the final chapter and ending of Lost Horizon 2. Those really didn’t leave a good impression on the game as a whole. But with a bit of distance, I guess it comes down mostly to featuring the type of puzzles I simply do not enjoy, and plenty at that. I looked up two of them, and even with the solution at hand I could not figure out how to arrive there other than through tedious trial and error. Might be fun if you’re a fan of Myst-like games.

Anyway, that still doesn’t redeem the ending, which is kind of nonsensical. But then the same goes for much of the plot, even more so after the big twist.

As the bad memories recede, I’d say it’s decent up to and including chapter 5. From there, continue at your own risk! Personally, it has not left me very enthused to try the Secret Files games next, as I originally had planned. Time to dive into a pile of books and wait for some of 2020s game gems to emerge instead.

P.S.: And no, they didn’t put their macguyvering mechanic to good use again.


Well, I started 2020 deep into Deus Ex 2: Invisible War.
Only now I managed to get around to it.
The game was fine, but nothing special. Inferior to its predecessor, but everyone said so when it was published many moons ago.

Currently I am playing the most cutesy game: Treasure Adventure Game.
Made by one guy only (+ composer) in the span of two years and it’s a plaformer adventure game with retro pixel graphics. I fell in love with it half way through the intro. It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of magic of adventure.

Even though I am very reflex challenged and don’t like platformers in general, this one is, along with the wonderful The Cave, not too hard to play for lamers like me. If anybody is interested, it’s available for free on GOG.

There was a remake with updated graphics and additional content called Treasure Adventure World but I don’t know whether it is as good as this one.


I bought all Monkey Island games on GOG as well as Grim Fandango remastered. I’ll be playing them with my daughters. I have no intention of playing other games because I have no time at all :cry: and the only way I can play a game is with the daughters.


Are they now old enough for Grim? :thinking: (Oh, I just noticed that the release of TWP was round about 3 years ago!)

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