Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Continuing the discussion from Monkey Island 1, 2, 3 remakes!:

There is one type of remake which main feature is being able to switch between classic and remastered mode.
We have seen several of those in the last years, especially starting with The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition.

This here is an interesting example because it’s a not an adventure game but a platformer. I assume having to keep action-oriented gameplay mechanics working is harder than more slow paced ones like in typical p’n’c adventures.

The game is called Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (GOG, Steam) and was (re-)released one year ago.
Its original release was in 1989 (MobyGames).

Back then I didn’t notice the game because it looked more like regular, modern platformer. (GOG does a bad job promoting the classic-mode feature!)

Here is a nice trailer:

Special feature: You can even load your 1989’s “save”! :+1:

Homepage: http://www.thedragonstrap.com/

Note: The game is currently (2018-05-16) on sale (-50%, GOG [it’s not discounted anymore for some reason] and Steam).

Note regarding topic categorisation

GOG and Steam say it’s an adventure game so the category is fine!

Note about Steam

Finally the store can be browsed using HTTPS! The future is here!
Now please display the type of DRM and I can use this store again.

Whenever someone mentions Wonderboy I have to think of this:

So: On which version of Wonderboy is the HD remake based on?

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Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trapp for the SEGA Master System

Btw. I didn’t now of this game series before at all.

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The graphics of the original look NES-area like and I think they are cute:


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Me too!
That game was HARD though

I loved Wonder Boy III: The Dragon´s Trap as a kid! I endlessly played it on the Game Gear.
The gameplay is really easy to get into the the sound effects are just so beautiful.

I believe the abilty to change into different shapes predated that feature of Kid Chamelon.

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