Xkcd fanclub; *beep* you Discourse with your stupid 15 chars!

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I’ve been reading that comic since '06, and a shared fandom certainly helped to cement my relationship with my wife. For instance, while we were still dating I gifted her a no raptors shirt and she gave me the “Science. It works, bitches” shirt.

The amount of awesome stuff that guy makes boggles the mind. His what if? blog earned a solid place among my feeds. I highly recommend especially the posts on draining the oceans. I also love how he references stuff later. On my advise my parents gave her the xkcd what if book as a Chanukah present last December.

Do you have any favorite xkcd comics? Please share them here!

Edit: it auto-capitalized “xkcd”. #deathglare #diediscoursedie

This is a classic:

And my favorites are the “sudo” jokes. I assume that only computer scientists understand them. :slight_smile:

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I like screaming at my terminal sometimes.

$ echo bla
$ !!
echo bla

We all do. We all do.

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Definitely that one:

I’m not reading it on a regular basis, but take a look every now and then. I also have the comic book that collects a number of the older strips. Enjoy reading on paper a bit more than on screen.

As far as webcomics go, I used to like Userfriendly a lot more than xkcd, especially in the early days. But haven’t really checked that for years either.

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So the next question is: am I the only one who actually went geohashing?

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I’d answer this with a tentative “yes”, though the question does remind on the inevitable interlude at the beginning of a movie: “Does anyone want ice cream?”, which is almost always met with uncomfortable silence, because how can one say “no” if they are not sure if perhaps somebody does, against all odds, plan to answer affirmatively. I’d suggest rephrasing to “who wants some ice cream?”.

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Anyone else likes to do this?

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Three programmers enter a bar. The bartender asks you three want a drink?, the first one answers I don’t know, the second one I don’t know, the third one Yes.

But I’ll take your suggestion and ask again: did someone else in this forum go geohashing?

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