What are you listening to right now?

@tasse-tee’s Celine Dion somehow made me want to listen to the Phantom of the Opera:


It’s a really communicative printer. :wink: I have to admit that I’ve never payed attention to the noises of my printer … (Compared to the matrix printers in the 80s he is very silent… :wink: )

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It’s a pity you can’t play the chimes in isolation. In real life you can clearly hear how good the speaker sounds but the physical printer noises hide it much better on the recording.

It’s possible that the noises it makes were tailored to the speaker, but in theory it sounds like it’s no worse than the speakers on my phone or laptop. The truly amazing part is that it might even be better.

Edit: oh, I forgot, that’s the Brother DCP-9020CDW. I absolutely adore the ADF feature. In retrospect it’s scary to think I almost opted to save €15 or so to get a model without.

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There’s nothing about the speaker in the specs either. Just noise levels related to physical operation.

It also fails to mention that the ADF part of scanning/copying is actually much louder than the scanner part.

Yes, I like that feature on my printer too. :slight_smile:

Open the case and connect the speaker to an amp. :wink:

That has to be. That’s manly!

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The before-last xkcd was about that:

tl;dr I’ll do it in a decade or two before throwing it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Back on topic:

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Oh you mean like I recorded the raindrops on my window once? Yeah, I´ll try do that. My PC is making annyoing sounds.

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You can also try to describe these sounds like @PiecesOfKate did with her cat. But I would think that recording the noise would be easier in this case? :slight_smile:


It’s like I’m right there!

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I should replace the fans on my case one of these days. It’s from '07. The stupid thing is that my wife’s more recent case is nicer in many ways even though it’s quite a bit cheaper.

But anyway, one of my fans occasionally makes annoying broom broom noises instead of being quiet, or even locks up on occasion.

On the flipside, except for presumably my GPU my computer can pretty much run fanless. I’ve got a nice Be Quiet! Shadow on top of my CPU. The motherboard refuses to boot if the fan isn’t running, but in a moment of brain damage I short circuited it to make it think the fan was connected and it didn’t go much over 50° even under full load. Normal operating temperatures (with fan) are from ~30 on the cold end to ~40 on the hot end. Fanless that changes to something like 40 to 55.

I mean, I still run with fans because less temperature keeps disks (and probably other components) alive for longer but the motherboard is built on the assumption of the stock cooler. :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to have an online friend from england who, when I made a bad joke, used to say “You hear that? That is the sound of me angrily grinding my teeth so loudly that even you can hear it over there!”


Listening to some retro nu metal/alt rock now:

It hasn’t aged quite as well as Green Day’s American Idiot, but then I’ve always been more partial to the lostprophets’ debut album anyway.

It’s a bit screamish.

Whoah. I used to love this band (saw them live too) until Ian Watkins was convicted. It doesn’t feel right listening to it now :frowning:

Oh wow, I had no idea. I simply stopped listening to them… I dunno, around '04/'05ish, I guess.

@PiecesOfKate: Is that the fan sound or the cat? :thinking:

Yup. I was shocked when I found out. I really didn’t want it to be true.

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That’s me growling at the fly :joy: