50 ways to tell you are an adventure game geek

  1. When your 5-year old kid starts singing the intro to the Thimbleweed Park Weekly Standup Meeting Podcast
  2. When you hum the SCUMM bar tune and ALL your kids whistle in
  3. Same as 2, but with the Monkey Island intro song
  4. When your 10- year old recognises LucasArts but not McDonalds in a name-the-logo game

help me complete the list (5-50) by sharing your moments

  1. When you write hundreds of posts in the freakin’ forum

Here are my contributions…

  1. When your wife asks you to stop playing that game and come to dinner, but now calls it by name instead of “your stupid game.”

  2. When you just assume that adventure games must be much more popular than any other genre, and are briefly surprised when you talk about your favorite with a friend and he has no idea what you are rambling about.

  3. When you are genuinely surprised to see your young nephew struggling to play Thimbleweed Park as if he did not know how to play an adventure game. (???)

  4. When you wake up immediately after an interesting and convoluted dream and proceed to build a dependency chart for it.

  5. When you see a flow chart, state context diagram, component architecture or solution diagram on a whiteboard at work, and start planning how to implement the puzzles for an adventure game.

  6. When you overhear your colleagues at work chatting about software piracy and you immediately think “Monkey Island” instead of “BitTorrent.”

  7. When you are afraid to buy that new (or vintage) adventure game that comes highly recommended, for fear that it will consume a significant chunk of your life for the next several weeks – and you know that it will happen.

  8. When you start every anecdote with “when I played Monkey Island back in the day…”

  9. When you respond to every friend’s anectodets with “oh, something similar happened to me when I played Monkey Island back in the day…”

  10. When 30 years later, you are still talking about that adventure game you played as a child… and discussing its philosophical and moral implications, and its impact on the human condition.

  11. When your deeper thoughts can be countered by a friend, colleague, or random stranger with “dude, it’s just a video game!”


When you realize you miss the podcast more than the game

When you don’t have time to play games because you are too busy asking yourself what a puzzle really is.

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  1. When people calls you as a Lucasfilm game character’s name (true story…)

  2. When you quote lines from the adventure games you played before, while talking with your friends.

  3. When you dream to sit on the Ron’s couch only to hear him calling you “now we are friends”. [@Nor_Treblig please help me finding the reference of this one :grin:]

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I believe that was in the last blog post prior to release, which he called the “Last Development Blog Post,” or something like that.

I was wrong. I searched there and couldn’t find it. I do remember the reference…

I guess you mean this one:

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When you do your Master’s thesis about Lucas’ games in art school, and a teacher say “Normally it’s easy to see where an artist get their inspiration, but yours have been a mystery. Now I understand.”

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Oh wow, I was waaaaaaay off! But, yes, that one. Thanks!

  1. When, in the middle of a crucial plot twist in Game of Thrones, you get up to remove a Speck of Dust from the TV.
  2. When someone sneezes and you say “bless you, a-hoo!”
  3. When you start typing something that begins ‘Ra-’ and the predictive text suggestions are ‘Ray’ and ‘Ransome’.
  4. When you try your front door handle, discover it’s locked and think, ‘I’ll just go in the living room, put on some Rammstein, and the key will fall out of the ceiling light’.
  5. When you remember a conversation you had with a friend and realise it was actually a thread on this forum.

I love them!! :heart_eyes:

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Yes! I wasn’t sure if it was the blog post or the forum, thank you, pal!

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I’m not sneezing that often-a-reno.

  1. When people spend hours browsing Facebook and Twitter, while the ONLY social network you are accounted in is the Thimbleweed Park Forum.

EDIT: since some of the last entries down the thread seem hypothetical ones, I want to be clear: #28 is true, for me. Could you believe it?

  1. When you have a box labeled “collectables” that contains all your LFL/LA boxes
  2. When the box of Zak is set up for display like a museum piece in the living room
  3. When you realize you spend more time reading and writing about adventure games on this and other blogs than actually playing them (what a shame)
  4. When you opted out of every Facebook mail notification except for “fans of MI”, “point-n-click adventure game fans unite” and “we want zak McKracken special edition” groups and the thimbleweed park account.

#32 is so true! :joy::joy::joy:

  1. When you answer the phone with, “How may I be, a-boo, of service?”

(True story)


#31 even more…

Mhmmm… did the listener get the quote?

Yes… which brings me to…

  1. When you’ve repeated a game’s quotes so much, and you’ve talk about that game for so long, that your wife gets all the references and even chuckles at them. Sometimes.