A Conversation with Ken Macklin

:art: Hear the story behind the iconic Maniac Mansion cover art!

:studio_microphone: Join me TODAY for the YouTube premiere of my conversation with legendary LucasArts illustrator Ken Macklin!

:memo: In this conversation we discuss his work on the Maniac Mansion cover art as well as his work on Loom, The Dig and many other Lucasfilm Games classics!

:alarm_clock: Today @ Noon (PT)


Fantastic Interview. You asked many good questions, and solved many long standing uncertainties about the art.
Here is the promo photo that he talked about doing for First Strike. It appears to be the centrefold.

Thank you for the kind words.
We eventually found that promo photo after the interview.

The good thing about us not finding the photo during the conversation is the fact that Noah Falstein emailed me after the premiere with info about the photo and I used this opportunity to invite him to play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis with me on stream!

So clear your schedule as on March 1st at noon (PT) I plan to dive into Atlantis with Noah at the helm!