Recent speech by Noah Falstein on "Lucasfilm Games and the rise of LucasArts"

This is a video about a recent speech that Noah Falstein (one of the first empoloyees of LucasFilm Games) gave at the Øredev conference on Nov 9th, 2017. It’s adapted from a David Fox’s presentation at Assembly 2004.

Here is the official description:

Noah was the 7th employee at Lucasfilm Games, and came on before their first titles were published. He will relate stories of what it was like to work on early titles like Rescue on Fractalus, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Secret of Monkey Island, and more. He’ll discuss details of what it was like to code for 1 mhz processors and fit a game into 48K (or even 2K!) of total storage, and relate anecdotes of early LucasArts experiences.

Enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Things that I have learned by watching this video:

  1. I died a bit when he said “…in the second Star Wars movie, The Wrath of Khan”. That’s a really good way to kill the only outstanding Star Trek movie that has been produced.

  2. In the original concept, the protagonist of “Star Wars” was female.

  3. The Skywalker Ranch had its own fire department because it costed less than the fire insurance for the whole property.

  4. On the box Art of Maniac Mansion, Dave was modeled after what Ron was wearing.

  5. The video contains some really beautiful never used/released images from “The Dig”.

  6. The “Loom” advertisement in “The Secret of Monkey Island” is actually Ron making fun of the game because of a rivalry with Brian Moriarty. :neutral_face:

I suggest all Lucas fans to watch the video. There is a lot of stuff about their games that will probably interest you as well. :slight_smile:

Anyway, was Dave modeled after Ron?

image image


Fun fact in germany Darth Vader and Khan had the same dubbing voice!

Good, that means we´ve come full circle now!

I thought this was a well established fact that he modled him on himself? I think he says it in his MM Postmortem, that it was also the way he dressed at the time.

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I´m digging all those little tidbits about Rescue On Fractalus. Wish there was a way to play that game today on a modern system.

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“Ron went on to work on the Maniac Mansion Games

I really enjoyed that game. It’s not really the same, but have you seen the interesting remake that’s being worked on (no updates for a couple of years though)-

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Oh that´s real nice! A modernised version is actually even better since I´d probably rather play the original on the original system.

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I don’t understand, do you mean a legal way to purchase it?
Rescue on Fractalus! was ported to at least 7 systems and all of them are supported by MAME/MESS.
Choose your favourite one! e.g. Internet Archive

Nice presentation! Thanks for posting it!!
I still prefer David Fox original presentation though.

I believe I read about that rivalry before, somewhere. But you can hear Ron praising Loom and its execution in several recent interviews, as well as Brian praising Monkey Island.

Agreed, needed more Indiana Jones Cosplay. :slight_smile:

I am horribly humiliated to hear I said Wrath of Khan, I can only plead the two excuses of Jet Lag and having just had a discussion with someone about Star Trek earlier that day, but even inadvertently mixing up those franchises is enough to set my nerd cred back by 12 parsecs (yes, I know that’s a measure of distance!).



That’s OK, a little part of me has appreciated that lapsus. :smiley:

No problem, may the force live long and prosper with you!



That´s a nice picture of Noah!

What’s wrong with that?

Bloody Star Wars! If they hadn’t sold the rights to games to Atari? We wouldn’t have got Adventure games and if the rights hadn’t reverted back we still would have. Well more anyway. Bloody Star Trek Wars.