Collectors Box: Cover Art

I really want to have my collector’s box at home and… I was thinking about the cover. @RonGilbert Who will be the artist selected to illustrate it ? I wish it was Steve Purcell, but I do not know if that’s possible.

His covers for the Lucasarts games are amazing !!!

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Ken Macklin, who did the cover art for Maniac Mansion.

It was announced in 2014 in this Kickstarter post.

That would have been a very welcome addition to the Thimbleweed Park development team.


Agreed, but Steve is off directing movies for Pixar.


Yes, he seems quite busy now. Since he was already at Pixar when he painted the cover art for “Tales of Monkey Island”, I thought that producing art for new games would have been extremely improbable but not impossible.

Tales was a long time ago, he wasn’t directing movies back then.

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I just wanted to comment that the typo in this topic (assuming it’s a typo) seems quite appropriate for Thimbleweed Park.


Is this the box art?

Well, probably not, but who knows…

I found it on the web.

If it is it probably wasn´t done by Ken Macklin but by his non union mexican equivalent.

Seriously though, looks more like a stand-in for the final version to me. See how it says “Rating Pending” the same applies to the cover, they just didn´t explictly write it on there.

An astounding example of minimalist art.

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Unfortunately, Ken Macklin did not end up doing the box art, the timing did not work out.

P.S. The PS4 art is not the cover art, I have no idea where that came from.

That´s actually quite of a bummer. :cry: I hope who ever does (did?) it manages to keep it “in the spirit”, somehow.

That´s temp art (from the PSN store I guess), it´s actually pretty common, usually for announced or not yet released games for preorder (they rather use that instead of a generic placeholder I guess). At least they used the official font.

So, you have to do it?

Do you mean “in the style of adventures games developed in the eighties”?

Would you be dissatisfied by a completely different style? For example the style used in the image show in the following tweet?

As I´ve mentioned in the other thread where we discussed this, yes I would. As the box art would be one of the main reasons for me to buy the physical copy of the game again, if it turns out this is the one it would probably mean I´m not buying it.

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I found it on Push Square. The watermark indicates that it’s done by them as a placeholder. Well, why not.

Why? With the aspect ratio of a typical cardboard case, It might look well, I think, albeit it doesn’t look very 80s-like.

I just don´t care for it, does nothing for me really. That´s the only reason I need.

I admit that the agents appear very anonymous, due to the lighting conditions. Furthermore, The other playable characters are missing and the corpse is actually not very important for the story. That said, it looks way better than the white temp art above.

I would prefer a collage of the chracters in a more comic style (but with those certain shadings) instead of a single scene that makes the characters themselves look sinister. As I´ve posted somewhere else this looks less like Thimbleweed Park and more like “Ray and Reyes hunt the Slenderman”.


That’s true. The game has a very different style and atmosphere indeed.


I don’t think that my opinion about the box art should count in this case, because I’m not interested in the physical box and I wouldn’t buy it anyway. But in theory I would prefer anything that shows the more sinister and dark sides of the story instead of its comedy side.