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PlayStation Classic (with 20 Pre-Loaded Games)


Sony has announced a “PlayStation Classic” for 100$ with “20 Pre-Loaded Games”:

(Most important question: Will TWP run on it…? :wink: )


And the Mega Drive Mini has been delayed until 2019.


It’s a little bit sad that you can’t use the old cartridges and CDs in most of those “Mini” remakes - and that’s the reason why I hesitate to buy them.


The PS One was already barely any larger than just the drive mechanism. And it came with DualShocks. My housemate had one of those with some lightguns so we could play '90s arcade shooters.


no! :joy:


luckily I still have my real Mega Drive

Makes sense that they do not want to be in the same X-mas slot.


I have the original PS1! It was my first home console :smile:


We could organize some Retro gaming event…
who has a C64?


I’ll bring Spyro the Dragon!



I have a Wii. :angel:


If I remember correctly, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken has one :smiley:
(or was it an Amiga…)


He’s an amiga guy… but that is welcome too! (never saw one of those in real life)


I have several C64. :wink: And several Amigas, an Atari ST(E), an Atari 2600, an Atari XL and a C128.


C64, C128, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200.
I even still have a Commodore plus 4!


I think the C64 is the only old computer we kept (yeah we knew it would be cult even back then). Would take some effort to collect the several parts and put it up running again. Sounds a bit like an adventure game in and of itself tbh.


This is one of the old computers that I miss in my collection. :slight_smile: (You won’t sell it? :wink: )

Because it is stored in a box somewhere on the attic? Or are parts and/or cables missing? If you have all parts then wire them together is easy. The only exception is the cable from the C64 to a modern TV.


Because it is difficult to get my parents to help me search for all the parts at their place. Had it been with me all these years you can bet I´d put it all neat together and stored it where I would never forget about it.


Never thought to sell it, but if you are interested, I can think about it


… aaaand we’re off-topic :slightly_smiling_face:
… again…


I find it a bit hard to comment on the thing if the whole game list hasn´t been announced yet.

My first PS game was Alien Trilogy. In late 1996. That main theme still sends shivers down my spine.