A movie in 5 emoji

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Let me start:

Resident Evil?

I am legend (io sono leggenda) with Will Smith

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No, guys. I thought it would have been guessed immediately…

hint: the icons don’t describe the title, but some clou scenes in the movie. In the order in which they appear.

hmmm… Injection, time, gun, exploding head, tuxedo… I would say Total Recall, but I don’t remember a tuxedo…

it’s not time, it’s a watch. And the tuxedo is important, and featured at the end of the movie.
Probably two more emojis would make it immediately recognizable, but we’re not playing “A movie in 7 emojis” :wink:

I trust in @milanfahrnholz

Pulp Fiction

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Up to you, now :blush:

I prefer The Ωmega Man. (The ending is meh, but that’s kinda the case in the other one too, so…)


The Graduate?

yep! that was fast

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Easy (I hope):


That movie by the Coen brothers with John Goodman?

Obviously you’re not a golfer. :neutral_face:

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Sorry, just kidding. “The Big Lebowski”, that’s it. :blush:

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I just realized “with John Goodman” might be lacking in specificity. But yes, that’s the one I meant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, let’s see now. I seem to be lacking a way to express the concept of a broom, so I’ll have to think of something else than what I had in mind.

I got one of the actors across. :wink: It’s not what I meant at all though. Don’t think in that general genre either.

mhm… is it Bride of Frankenstein?

My movie is this:

:mountain_snow: :hotel: :tumbler_glass: :pick: :door:

Easy Version:

:family_man_woman_boy: :red_car: :mountain_snow: :hotel: :writing_hand: :woman_zombie: :bathtub: :tumbler_glass: :man_cook:t6: :pick: :door: :crazy_face: :bear: :older_man: :footprints::snowman::framed_picture:

I admit I made this super easy, but it was just too much fun finding so many that fit! :slight_smile: