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Cannot get all speck collection achievements


Hi there. I’m wondering if I’m the only one with this problem. I have the Steam version, and I have got all achievements, except 2, which apparently won’t unlock. I have the Dust Hoarder (75 specks of dust), but for some reason, Dust Collector (50 specks of dust) and Dust Appreciator (25 specks of dust) never unlocked, and they won’t unlock on new games neither. Is this a bug? Thanks in advance!


Hi. It seems like those two achievements were internally recorded by TWP, but not properly propagated to Steam.

You could try the following:

  1. Take a look at the bottom of this page to find where your save data is stored depending on your system:
    “Where are my save games and preferences file?”

  2. Disable Steam Cloud Sync for this game (or otherwise it will try to restore your files when starting the game).

  3. Rename or backup + delete the file save.dat in the directory from step 1.
    This will reset the in-game achievements (including what phone numbers you have dialled etc.). It won’t affect your Steam achievements.

  4. Play the game, achieve those missing achievements.

  5. You may then want to restore the original save.dat (step 3) to restore your previous progress.

  6. You may want to reenable Steam Cloud Sync.


Thank you. I followed your suggestion and renamed the “save.dat” file, disabled Steam Cloud Sync, and played a new game. Now the achievements finally triggered after picking up 25 and 50 specks of dust, respectively. Will it be possible to copy the old “save.dat” back to restore the list of answering machines I’ve already listened to? Thanks again!


Yes. Just delete the new one and copy the original save.dat back.
Then start the game and check if this has worked (and also to update the timestamp of the this save.dat file).

Afterwards you can reenable Steam Cloud Sync and everything should work like before.