About inventory on screen

Adventure thought of the day:

Why do modern adventures tend to move the inventory off screen, in a popup?

Everyday, people use this thing:

(or the osx equivalent.)

So people presumably find that intuitive. I’d expect any deviation from this to be unexpected, unintuitive and unwelcome to players.

Now, if we are talking about verbs on screen, I can understand that someone might not like it. But if someone criticized TWP because it has the inventory on screen, I don’t understand.

I set the dock to hide on my Mac (moving the mouse down-screen brings it up). So I would probably find it more intuitive to have a gaming inventory hidden until I want to use it (like in MI SE I guess).

That’s true. Well, the interface in TWP is larger than the taskbar - but, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, especially if you play TWP on a mobile.

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I like your desktop background :rofl:

It´s both self referential and meta!

I have no idea how people can do actual work on a default Windows installation with all this pinning and grouping…

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I don’t understand that too. You “work” with the inventory items regularly, so it’s different to …

… the icons in the dock where you start the app(s) one time.


Me neither :smiley: