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Screen Scrolls off


This was very frustrating to start with but I got over it.

What happens on my i5 laptop (Lenovo), Win 7 is:
I select full screen.

I have no idea what the (safe area) setting thing is?

Anyway, when I move my mouse to the extremes of the screen bottom or right say the screen scrolls over to reveal the desktop?

Most of the game screen is still visible and if I move my mouse to the opposite extreme it scrolls back a bit but there is always a bit of desktop showing. Any ideas?

My laptop is at its maximum res which is 1600x900

It sounds like Windows is scrolling the laptop’s screen, possible due to it thinking youre zoomed in. The core window is created at 1280x720 and when you go full screen it keeps that aspect ratio and fills what the OS returns as the hardware window size. When you when full screen did you do that from the in-game options?

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To clarify: I load the game, go into the options and video then check the box marked Full Screen.

The thing below says Safe Area is positioned mid way.

I can move the mouse cursor to the far left and it will scroll mostly back on screen. Do you think it might be something to do with the windows pointer?

For reference: When I got the game I got it from it had an update which I also downloaded, when I ran that it told me it had already been updated.

Hi Ron, so I’ve sort of found a solution. If I change the desktop background resolution to 1280x720, it only happens when I go to the far bottom of the screen. Which although not perfect is fine for playing the game as I will rarely move the mouse so low. For future ref (because others might have same issue), my system specs screengrab from Speccy.

thanks :slight_smile: V

So… When I change the resolution and run the game it would still scroll off when I went far down the screen at the edge, but after I logged off and back in again I no longer have this issue!

Great!!! :smiley:

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