About the chainsaw

Did the chainsaw’s name change between updates or is the name random whenever you play? Mine was the “chainsaw of expectation,” but I’ve seen others online call it the “chainsaw of disappointment.”

Both names are used. It starts as one name, then changes to the other.

To further clarify, when you first see it before picking it up, it’s the Chainsaw of Disappointment, but once it’s in your inventory it’s the Chainsaw of Expectation.


That is true, it’s sort of an inside joke: first you see the Chainsaw of Disappointment because it is just another chainsaw in an adventure game that you probably won’t ever get to use (again).

When you pick it up, it becomes the Chainsaw of Expectation because now you are carrying it around with the hope of finding some gas and making it work (that’s why you picked it up in the first place, right?).


Doesn´t it only become the chainsaw of expectation once you´ve filled it with the gas?

I believe you are right – that’ she precisely what makes you expect that this time, for sure, it has to work. :slight_smile:


No, I tested the functionality before posting the response. It definitely happens on pick-up.

So, the hotspot (which at first is “shiny object” or something) after looking at it is “chainsaw of dissapointment” and after you pick it up it´s “chainsaw of expectation”? I like my version better. Maybe after you fill it up it should become “Chainsaw of eager excitement” or something.

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Haha, oh, no wonder; I immediately picked up the object rather than “looking” at it, so I never saw the “disappointment” part.

What about the chainsaw after the end and that specific person in the kitchen. Hmmmm. I wonder why in that section certain objects are ‘live’ whereas most are not. I bet there is a hidden ending in there.

Did you ever play Maniac Mansion?

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Hi Sushi. I did. I can’t entirely remember it but it was very good. Certain person lurks in the kitchen at this point and I can go into the pub with the ride-able bull thing. I am thinking there is a hidden thing here but can’t work it out.