From "Margie" to "Lenore" and other changed details

This is a curiosity about a specific aspect of game design: things that were changed during the development.

For example, originally the name of Delores’ sister was “Margie” and after some point in the development it was changed to “Lenore”.

I have two questions for the developers:

  1. Was the name “Margie” changed to “Lenore” just because you liked the latter more or there was another reason?

  2. More importantly, would it be OK for you to share other elements of the game that were changed during its development, if the reason behind the change teaches us something about how to design games?
    People who followed the development blog already know some things that were changed and why, but can you share some more?

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Where did you read/hear this?

Gary told me:

Delores has an older sister, Margie, that is also in town for the reading of the will. Delores and Margie don’t get along, but are polite to each other.


I have assumed that Margie was the previous name of Lenore.

She didn’t have a name for quite a while. I don’t remember Margie ever being talked about, so Gary probably just wrote something for the blog piece.

Oh, I understand, thanks.

And was the name of the bank manager changed from “Mr. Cruffman” to “El Paulo” because the new one is the name of a backer who got the “a character named after you” reward?

WOW, what an elephant memory!!!
I didn’t remember it too, even if I had read every blog post!

I don’t have a good memory. I just stumble on forgotten things while searching for other things. :stuck_out_tongue: