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Adding voice acting

We started with DOS, then we moved to DirectX 6 in 1999 and the game was published in 2000. However I keep maintaining it and reworking it. It still does not include all the features that we had planned for the initial release… =}

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Well, we did record in “months”. If you remove the time spent looking for volunteers, pinging them whenever they disappeared and so on, the recording itself didn’t take much :stuck_out_tongue:

I think now, knowing how it goes, we could do Delores in a short time… if it weren’t that Delores isn’t one of us! :sob: if only it were a Ransome game…


Please guys, don’t pollute the thread. Don’t mean to be rude. I just want to not lose the point of the thread and make it easy for Ron to help.


You are right, unfortunately we often go off-topic.
Thanks for your remind!


Hi @RonGilbert! We are going to start recording the voice to see how it goes, and I have one question: is there any way to know the character who says each sentence?

If there is no easy way right now, I’m going to do something quick and dirty to parse the dinky and yack files.


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I already did that in my translation sheet:

(However, I think Ron should consider including it in Translation files in future.)

EDIT: Some lines probably still need adding proper person (coroner?). I used it mainly to choose the right gender so I did not have to be 100%.

Awesome! Thank you, @Vit_Condak!

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There is no way in Delores to know that. In TWP, that information was in the translation files and also used to generate the scripts. Since Delores was never meant to be recorded, I just skipped that step.

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That’s what I thought. What I’m doing is parsing the script files and when I find a “sayLine” without the character specified as the first parameter, I assume it will be a Delores’ sentence. Is that right?

For this game, that is a good assumption. It was trickier in TWP because a line could be said by 4 different people and had to be recorded 4 times.

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