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Let's play.... DOS games!

Cool, I think I may try this then! grafik


Planet X3 Teaser was released.
Guess the voice overs!

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Isn’t it more of an either you know it or you don’t? :stuck_out_tongue: I watch LGR all the time. Can’t say the same for Techmoan (?) but I’m reasonably sure I’ve come across the guy comparing Blu-Ray to Video CD and stuff like that.

Retro City Rampage contains versions for DOS and Win 3.1. I got it and I can confirm that the DOS version works, but I haven’t seriously played it so far.

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2,500 More MS-DOS Games Playable at the Archive:


wow… great additions to the internet archive! Lots of classics available to play/download (MM, MI, Indy, Full Throttle, Zak). Grab them while you can?[]=lucasarts&sin=


I once borrowed some full motion video Star Wars game from the library. Would that be one of those TIE fighter or X-Wing games or is there a slew of 'em?

Edit: btw, how were those tagged? Simon the Sorcerer? Space Quest? :crazy_face:

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They are more Wing Commander like and not FMV games:

Whatever it was, I remember it felt like FMV with interspersed gameplay. Also it didn’t really captivate me; it was more nostalgia wondering. :slight_smile:

That was Rebel Assault:

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Could be, could be. Does it also have shooting galleries? After doing some spaceship shooting you go into a cruiser or a planet or something and then you have stormtroopers popping up shooting from the other side of the corridor.

Yep. :slight_smile:

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When I was young, a friend of mine did the same thing. Today he is a doctor.

Why is Monkey Island ONE POINT FIVE GIGABYTES?!?

It takes ages to load.

Wait, what? I’m going to have to check that out after dinner… see what else is on there.

Edit: or not, it says “Stream Only”

Maybe they are using WAV files for/with the music (especially if they are using the CD version of MI1).

ya, still at least a couple are actually available to download (Monkey 2 & Simon the sorcerer if I recall)

Maybe it’s… a MOVIE? :delores:



Sandbox mode?

Level editor?

Not really. =)
“Deathmatch” - well, actually co-op - is built-in from the start because it is basically a game for two players. Level editor is a separate DOS app. =)

But it’s still missing interactive music, support for game controllers (other then keyboard) and even support for other languages… Maybe, some day…

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