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Backbone - a pixel art detective adventure (Kickstarter)

Here’s a Kickstarter project that I found interesting:


Looks like a total ripoff of the comic Blacksad, though…

Found this in one of their updates

I love Planescape: Torment, and old Sierra and Lucas Arts adventures, because stories can change the nature of man.

But, unfortunately, in the comments they say

"Backbone [is] more of a cinematic adventure with action elements than a classic point-and-click adventures [sic].

I quite like the concept (copied or not) and visuals of the game, but I am not entirely sure if the gameplay will suit me. Backed, since I do like narrative games of all sorts, especially when they are a bit weird, but the action elements have me a bit worried.


I’ve just been reading about Backbone on the Later Levels blog and knew I’d heard it mentioned somewhere! It looks pretty good – I really like the grainy noir pixel art, and the fact that it’s set in Vancouver is a big plus for me.

I agree it doesn’t sound like it’s a classic point and click, but I’d like to try a different gameplay format anyway.

Also – ‘anthropomorphic raccoon’ – can’t go wrong :wink:


Demo available:


No Linux and Steam. I’m not going to bother rebooting. :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the developers the Linux version will follow in a couple of days.

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Wait what? I’ve just now filled out the backer survey, I’m afraid I’m a little slow…

Backbone is out now:

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