Adventure game shoes and how to make them

While doing a little research for another thread I stumbled over Chucks (the shoes, not the game character :slight_smile: ) with hand painted DOTT images. Somebody posted somewhere images of shoes with Monkey Island.

In this thread I would like to collect these pictures. And if somebody has an idea of how to make similar shoes without to paint them by hand, please tell. :slight_smile: For example could those print-something-on-T-Shirts foils work? (Most Chucks are made of a fabric.)

Monkey Island:

Monkey Island 3:

Monkey Island Sword Fight:

Monkey Island:

Monkey Island Slippers:

Full Throttle:





btw: One of the artists wrote that he/she used acrylic paint.

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These are awesome! I think the Scumm Bar shoe is my favorite (though I don’t think I would actually wear any of these).

I’ve seen people that will airbrush your Chucks here but these look printed, especially the ones where you can see pixelated Guybrush.

I thought the same but if you follow the links most of the descriptions are claiming that the shoes are hand-painted. I can’t imagine that you can actually paint those details on the “rough” surface of the Chuchs fabric.

But for example on DevianArt “LysCarou” wrote for the DOTT shoes: “I used acrylic paintings, black permanent and a lot of patience. It took me all two days because the shoes were white, not grey. But I’m glad with the final result :]”

And if they are printed: How did they do it?