Replicating the E3 SMI Special Edition Shirt

Hey, everybody! I was just thinking about making myself a replica of the Treasure of Mêlée Island T-shirt that was given out at E3 for The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition, in case I can never find a real one on eBay or get the opportunity to trade for one online. But I want to make it accurate, unlike many of the knockoffs you can purchase online, so I was wondering if any of you could help me identify the following about the original shirts:

  1. What is the font used on the front of the shirt (which seems to be the same exact font used for dialogue and such in the game itself and looks sort of like a cleaned-up Caslon Antique)? This might be something one could see in one of the files for the game if they have the computer version of the Special Edition; I unfortunately do not…

  2. Where can I find the alternate, more extremely colored variant of the logo which appears on the back (I tried simply increasing the saturation of the regular logo used on the game’s cover, but the gradient is still more smooth than what appears on the shirt, so if I could find the real thing that would be ideal)?

Thanks! Here are the images of one of the real things, please tell me if you can figure that information out so I (and anyone else) can make it!


Now roll it through dirt so it looks like you just dug it up!

I personally wouldn’t have replicated the back, I can’t stand big logos or product names on my shirts. (People better know where the quote is coming from, or they ask can me.)

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Whoops! I wrote that really late at night, and now I’ve realized how confusingly I wrote it, lol. To be clear, I haven’t actually made one yet; that’s just a picture I saved from online of one of the real things. I’ve edited my original post for clarity. Please let me know if you can identify that font! It might be something someone could check in one of the games files or something if they have the computer version of the Special Edition. I unfortunately do not have that…

Oh I see.

The in-game font is called MinisterT and seems to look like exactly the one on the shirt.

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Awesome! Thank you for that!

I pity the fool who dug up that shirt!