AdventureX 2017: narrative games convention in London

Thanks for posting this - I may have to arrange to go to that.

There’s a quote from Ron on the 2016 page, saying that The Dark Room ‘is the future of gaming’, which has reminded me I need to check that out too…


Now excuse me, I really need to grow up…


Not a fan then?

I don´t know it to be honest(looks interesting though a bit like those old boardgames with that weird Videotape), I was just being incredibly immature, that´s all(also puns magenetically draw me to them).

Ohhh I get it now. I had to do a bit of Googling there. Need to bone up on my euphemisms.

Oh yeah, badly!

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I watched it live last year and it was fun:

Oh yeah, cool, I thought someone had mentioned it :slight_smile:

I see they´re using that “future of gaming” quote as a blurb, and who wouldn´t?

AdventureX 2017, the convention about narrative games, is held today and tomorrow.

You can watch a live stream here:

The speech I’m interested more will be tomorrow, by Brian Moriarty, the designer of “Loom”:

Brian Moriarty (Wishbringer, Trinity, Loom) recounts the strange, convoluted and often hilarious story of how an unabridged video of his 2002 Game Developer’s Conference lecture ‘The Secret of Psalm 46’ became the ultimate Easter egg in Jonathan Blow’s acclaimed puzzle-adventure game The Witness (2016). It provides unique insight into the mystery of creative passion, and serves as a dramatic demonstration of the artistic influence game designers can exert on future generations.

I didn’t know about this connection between Moriarty and “The Witness”. :slight_smile:

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Adventure game legend Brian Moriarty’s speech is currently “on air” and the story he’s telling is very funny. :smiley: (but it’s turning darker)

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I can’t watch it now, but I’d like to see it later. If you have a link to it on youtube or similar, please post it.

In the link I published above, click the “Videos” tab and you’ll find all the recorded videos, which include Moriarty’s lecture.

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They are now doing an adventure game quiz, presented by Francisco Gonzalez! :astonished:

very engaging speech… I can’t stop listening.

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Yes, each of his speech is carefully build like a story. (And he is just reading this story… :wink: )

His lecture is motivating me a bit to try “The Witness”, because it seems that there is some real genius behind its design. Unfortunately it appears to be a very large game that would require a lot of time and dedication to be finished. In this moment I prefer to play shorter games.

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The Witness is an amazing game. I highly recommend it. I’m glad he didn’t give away too much in his presentation.

I didn’t know of Brian Moriarty’s connection to Jonathon Blow and the Witness either. I was very impressed by that presentation. I remember playing Trinity when I was in high school, and feeling very moved by the full experience of the game when I finished it. It’s still in my top 5 for text adventure games. Now I want to replay it to see how it seems to me today.

The presentation also made be want to give Braid a second chance. I started it a while ago, but stopped after a while, I can’t remember why now.


Because you went out of your MIND trying to rewind time and dodge an abundance of giant lion heads? Sorry, I’m experiencing a violent flashback…

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AdventureGamers have published a review about AdventureX 2017 and some of the games that were shown at the event.

AdventureX 2017 round-up: Part 1

AdventureX 2017 round-up: Part 2

Some of the games mentioned in the articles:

  • Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death
  • Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure
  • Lamplight City
  • Theropods
  • Unforeseen Incidents
  • Four Last Things