Have you ever played (or would you play) a real-life "Escape room" game?

The variant in a restaurant with actors or the RPG version at home?

The restaurant version (+ fancy dress).


Those are different, we call them “Mystery Dinner Shows” here in America and they are popular in tourists areas, like around theme parks.

Escape Room games are a different experience, it’s more like going out to play Laser-Tag or Paint-Ball with a group, except that you solve logic puzzles instead.

I’ve heard of them and some are offered around my town, but I haven’t taken then chance to try them out yet. Based on the endorsement here, I just might. :slight_smile:


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Based on the recommendation from you and others here, I tried a local Escape Room with my wife and a couple of friends. In fact, I just came back from it right now.

It was a lot of fun! We almost made it out, but ran out of time before figuring out the final clue to open the door. I am definitely doing this again, there are a couple of places around town that do this, so I’ll probably try the different ones.




We have! Twice! Failed both times! :slight_smile: And they were two different rooms, with different people. Although, to our small credit, both times we were only a few more clues away from escape. I’d like to finally escape a room at some point, heh.

Crimson Room and its followups (Blue Chamber, White Chamber) were the first escape rooms I ever played! I have fond memories of them, but MAN the clicking was insane since there are no hotspot indicators.

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Is there a “escape the red room” game where you get clues from a backwards talking midget?

Not exactly, but this one located in 4 towns could be of your interest? :smiling_imp:

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Trapped inside a crypt where sacrilege has just been committed

Sounds a lot like this…

@PiecesOfKate, great find! I would have been very surprised if there wasn´t one!

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The italian name of such games is a reference to the 1976 movie “murder by death”, which italian title is “Invito a cena con delitto”.


I love that movie, it’s full of nonsense. :slight_smile: A similar one is “Clue”, in which my favorite comedy actress, Madeline Kahn, has a role.


Both movies are wonderful send-ups of the whodunnit genre!

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Hah, that one is very reminiscent of the single greatest movie scene of all time!

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Did he shoot first?

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Yes but in the SE the swordsman carries a walkie-talkie instead of a sword.

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It’s not an escape room game but maybe it’s somewhat related:
Last year I’ve seen The Dark Room at AdventureX
Here is the video:

It’s a “live-action video game” and it’s not really about solving puzzles, but it’s somewhat a bridge between real video games and live-action games like escape rooms games.
The whole audience participates in the game, often by shouting what to do next.
I though it was fun!

Wow, it looks cool!!

Escape Rooms, in my opinion, were influenced by this game, 999, in which you are trapped in who-knows-where and must seek a way out, otherwise you will die.
Here is the first puzzle:

Escape rooms are my real passion. Mostly I like the rooms provided by this provider . I’d really recommend this for a fun, different activity with friends , family (as long as you get on!) and teams. The puzzles are clever and tricky