After TWP, The Cave

Ah okay. No sorry I´m not sure if you´ve tried to correct space yet. I thought it was related to a living thing in the area(or not living thing).

Well I’ve done the dinosaur bit – I mentioned that in an earlier post. Y’know, because you’re supposed to memorise every single thing I write on here :wink:

I´m sorry, I´m always a bit bummed when I cannot help. How else am I supposed to earn my wings? :frowning:

Aw, you’ve helped via moral support! You can help again when I try and finish Maniac Mansion :wink:

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Oh, that I can offer much more valuable help with because I know that in an out! :smiley:

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Yes, you are trying the right thing(s). First of it’s not oil, it’s (muddy) water (where should the oil come from? :slightly_smiling_face:).

And yes, this part is the possible buggy one.

  1. I think this part works best when playing alone, i.e. use only one controller.
  2. Moving it is the way to go, but you shouldn’t just stand there.
  3. When switching characters ensure the action button stays pressed until you have switched to the other one.

This should help for now.

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Ohhhh, interesting… thanks, I’ll try that!

Well! Well! I have a well!

Thanks, I never would’ve realised you had to hold down those buttons!

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Is that really the first time you´d need to do that? I could have sworn there is more than one occasion where you have to have one character hold something and then switch while the other one is still holding.

There are switches for example. I specifically remember gates in the Twins area so only they can pass through.

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I think it’s the only time you have to hold down an action. Usually it just maintains the action without holding down a button, which is what threw me. But I guess that makes sense for this particular level.

I was thinking that was the final stage, but still got at least one level to redo, meh. On to the island for what feels like the hundredth time…!

I see you´re slowly starting to get the complaints about that aspect of the game…

Yeah, only just… but yeah.

It might not have been so bad if that Time Traveller bit hadn’t taken me so long.

Welcome to the club. :wink:


I would have liked the pipes to be randomly distributed on/under the island to add some difference.

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Hm, I dunno. At this point I just want to finish it! On the contrary, it would’ve been nice if some of the previous characters had collected them up in a pile at the start of the level. But we all know how selfish they are.

The troll club?

That actually made me yelp.

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Because it didn´t taste good or the service was bad?

Sorry that one really wasn´t very good. :astonished:

Yep. I wonder why the developers and testers didn’t find it annoying to replay these sections again and again …