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What about Humongous Entertainment? The internets say* you co-founded it and created a bunch of the characters and then the company was sold for like a gazillion dollars? And then it says “the co-founders tried to buy it back”?
Are there secret Humongous royalties/sales millions stashed away somewhere?

*I am aware the internets are not always 100% accurate…

That’s a long and painful story about selling the company to someone (GT interactive) that then went bankrupt and we got next to nothing (like most acquisitions, it was a stock deal). We then tried to buy the company back and the new owners (Infogram, which bought GT) and our investor got in a spat and the deal fell apart.

What is it they say… what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I keep telling myself that. :slight_smile:


This reminds me of when you hear about early blues guys and other musicians who established whole genres and recorded countless classics, but the labels bamboozled them into signing away the real money…

I think it’s time to sell out, you’ve earned it…
Make that FPS, racing, RPG, zombie sci-fi fantasy QTE blockbuster with payments for every add on and released in chapters, etc., filled with publicity-friendly gimmicks like in the art style of Picasso, etc.

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Don’t let it get you down. :wink:

That’s interesting, seeing the fact that DF was founded by someone who had created MI with you. I had actually thought that you were friends since then.
Though, it’s nice to know that Clayton is a different kind of person.

I liked Scurvy Scallywags (I showed you on my mobile, at Munich), but I admit that, except for the game itself, I’d never purchased any in-game item. But it’s not your fault, I do the same with every mobile game, I simply don’t like to spend my money in that way.

@Someone I still have Scurvy Scallywags on my mobile with Android 4.4.2 . The only thing I could do for you, with Ron’s permission, is to extract the APK as a whole file and give it to you, but you must install it by enabling “install from unknown sources” option.

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The problem is: I don’t have an iOS device. I would buy the game, but only if I can play it. :slight_smile: So if you see a chance to get it working on Android again, I will be one of your customers. :slight_smile:

Thinks for the offer, but in this case Ron and his colleague won’t get the money. :slight_smile: (btw: I still own devices with Android 4.)

@RonGilbert: Just an idea: Maybe you could offer the APK of the old Android version on your site and/or on (or a similar store) with the explicit note, that it will only run on Android 4.x. So you get at least some money from enthusiasts like us. :slight_smile:

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You can make him a voluntary donation, any time! :wink:

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That’s up to @RonGilbert. I just don’t want to pirate the game.

btw: Are there other users in this forum who would like to buy an Android version of the game?

I do! I also have an adroid device.

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Nor do I, since it is not available on the market anymore.
There seems not to be other means to get the game.

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I would have been interested in it, but I don’t have a Google account (because I don’t want one). So, if there is another way to purchase the game legally, I am all ears.

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Even worse, the musicians don’t decide what the albums may sound like. The record labels do, and they wreck the sound a lot, frequently to the dismay of the musicians. See Loudness War, in which most musicians don’t want to participate. And most listeners don’t want this either. It’s pretty much pointless, but the record labels do this anyway. :hear_no_evil:

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Maybe he should open an account at Pat… no wait, scratch that.


I may be wrong about this, but I remember that the Android version was free (to download and play).

I confess that I had never heard of [the P-word] until I read that topic on this forum.
Always used PayPal (I understand, they are two different things, that one is similar to kickstarter)

Are there any good alternatives or similar services? (Beside a “Donate via PayPal” button…)

If you mean a service that gives you only a way to collect money by fan subscriptions, then a good alternative for a well-known person would be to use a personal website and accept payments with Stripe subscriptions.

If you mean a service that also includes a community of fans/creators, then I don’t know any of them beside Patreon. There is Flattr, but they use a very different model that I don’t like.

Yes, it’s like crowdfunding but having a monthly recurring payment which can be used like an income.

I know of Liberapay which is similar but without reward structure (it’s more like just donations).

Tim did not create Monkey Island with me… I was working on MI for over a year before he was hired to be a programmer. Dave, Tim and Steve Purcell did amazing work and I was fortunate to have them on the project, but don’t give Tim credit for stuff he didn’t do.