All about bricks

You get the official instructions on their homepage:

On BrickLink, Rebrickable, BrickSet etc. you get the complete part list for the set.
I’ve used Studio before to import an existing set (Lego sets via BrickLink is built-in, else part list via XML) and virtually built only part of a set to get the portion of the part list I am interested in.
Then you only have to get find/buy those parts.

But regarding this particular set others already did the work:

You can get part lists for every separate sub-set (total 405 pieces for those 3 sub-sets).


Nice find! :slight_smile: Might apply that change before nailing them to the wall.

I also got the black hole sorted out, with the parts included. It’s hanging a bit precariously by a single stud, but I guess it’ll be fine.

Given how glossy the bricks are, one thing to also consider is where to put them. A dark corner that doesn’t get direct sunlight is advisable. And that’s probably my biggest gripe with Lego overall: it’s made of plastic. It comes wrapped in even more plastic. As fun as it is to assemble (and in some cases to look at, afterwards), I’m always disappointed with the look and feel. Natural materials like stone, fabric, leather, paper, wood are so much nicer in comparison.


That’s the problem. Ordering them via “Pick and Build”/“Pick a Brick” is (mostly too) expensive.

A few years ago they experimented with stones made of plants. But it was plastic too. :wink:

If you like other materials like wood or chocolate, just search this fancy thing called internet:

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I guess I should not be surprised, that if there is something money can buy, the internet has it. I am surprised, however, that it is all conveniently listed on a single, aptly named site!

Now I can’t decide if I should get the Sad Gay Vampire Poems (a steal), or James Cameron’s California Ranch (not so much).

There’s more Lego stuff, too.

Btw. I also like that abstract style and especially the skies for reasons (pixel art reasons!).

I've heard they are in the process switching to paper bags, that's at least something.

Edit: source

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Yes, but you shouldn’t directly buy from them anyway. And we have BrickLink, BrickOwl etc. as alternatives.

I’ve put it into BrickLink (because that’s what I’ve used before) and it calculated a price of 46 EUR (average price based on sales from last 6 months for such parts, new and used).
One problem is this price doesn’t include shipping/handling (if there are rare parts you might need to make a lot of orders all over the world…).

Then I let it automatically select dealers (which is typically not something I’d do but it seems we have a lot of common parts here) and it worked really well:
Only two orders in shops in EU, price for those 405 parts is just 25 EUR (excluding shipping), and mostly new parts too!
Looking further at those shops it should be only ~20…25 EUR shipping total (the shop containing the bulk of the order is in Belgium).

So it’s possible to get it below 50 EUR total which is a lot less than 239.99 EUR (RPP) for the whole thing (2532 parts btw.).
(You also see that a lot of money goes into shipping when doing it this way.)


We spent some time at my parents house last week, and my children found my old Lego sets in the attic.
We rebuilt and joined several of them:

The sets are 6074, 6067, 6062, 6040, 6034 and some pieces and mini figures from other sets.
I’m not sure who had more fun building them, my kids or myself =)


That’s super classic! My cousin had it.
Too bad my Lego sets aren’t anymore. When I was 10 or 11 I cannibalized an airport, a fire station, a police station, a motorbike seller, a post office, a gas station and a moon base to build a huge diorama of a Formula 1 circuit. Oh, I used a proper formula 1 circuit set, too.

Who knows what happened to it. I don’t even have any pictures of it.

I played with it daily until I lost interest in Lego in favor of girls :sweat_smile:


If there’s one reason for having kids, it’s being able to legitimately play with Lego again :smiley:.

More seriously, the castle, even in this extended build, looks much smaller than in my memories. It’s really just a wall (consisting mostly of big wall pieces, too) around an otherwise empty square. And a nice gate with drawbridge as the highlight.

I also dimly remember my dad “helping” with the construction … hm :thinking:.


Amazing! :grinning:

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I remember I cannibalized those sets several times to build almost everything. I was really surprised we could re-build all of them, and only a few pices were missing which we could easily substitute for others.


Here are the sets I was nudging to:





Then I got this:

Then came out a bigger one, and I loved it:


The diorama I finally built was similar this one I found online:


I found this Caponian lurking in a warehouse at Legoland New York:

Amazing how the clothes actually look like they were drawn with pixels, but this is a real photo of Legos… real life pixels.


I’d have so many questions about this…