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The BBC Computer Literacy Project

The BBC has published all TV shows related to “The Computer Literacy Project”. Included are several shows from the 80s. You can watch the videos on this website:


This sounds really interesting!

I have some vague memories of a few BBC Micro games from when I was at primary school. One of them told a story about a voyage to the moon, and you chose from a few options to influence the story.

Another one involved a round red creature called “Pod”, and if you typed a verb he would do the corresponding action. A few times I thought I caught him pulling a scary face when you leave him alone for too long (well, my younger self found it scary) - and to this day, I’m still not sure whether that was real, or from a dream!


Podd can vibrate and scare you with a rough animation
Podd can sleep and scare you with that sound effect

Oh, 0-1!!

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Sushi can go off-topic anywhere :smirk:

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Sorry, I got carried away by the moment there…

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You can also play all of the games here:

It seems this system (which I never heard of before) isn’t dead yet. They’ve even ported Prince of Persia on it this year. @PiecesOfKate, sounds like something up your alley?

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Wow, some of those look great! And look at the colours on PoP.

I vaguely remember having a BBC micro computer at school but don’t remember any games.

Haha, there’s a game called M25, which is actually about the M25 (circular motorway that goes around London)! From the preview I’m guessing that one might be educational.

Strip poker?!

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Goes to show…I looked under M for “Monkey Island”.

Naturally you were looking for “Secret of Monkey Island” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was (and is) popular in the UK. I’ve heard of it but never seen one here in Germany …

First game I checked for was Exile.

Loved it on the C64. The BBC Micro was its original platform.

A lot of British developers started with the BBC Micro or the Sinclair Spectrum.

the BBC micro looks a bit like a C64…with a bad sound chip.
but nice to see there is to this day an active community (like for the C64 in Germany)


so… mission accomplished!


I´ve seen a documentary on the british 80s computer scene a while back which was actually kinda cute in the way they were trying to make their own computers superior to the globally more successful C64.

The gist was:

“Yeah, we only had monochrome colours and the sound was very very basic. But look at those amazing games with their unique gameplay!”

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And these computers were (mostly) cheaper. The C64 was very expensive in the fist half of the 80s - especially if you would like to have a floppy drive.

We never had a tape deck. But I heard most people had. So all those complaints to long loading times relate more to the tape then to the floppy. So obviously I missed out on those loading tunes like the Ocean Loader despite having quite a few Ocean games (because they were the no 1 dev for movie licensed games).

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Yes, it was much cheaper, especially the media (you could use audio cassettes).

Indeed, but the floppy drive was very slow too. :wink:

Not compared to the tape deck it wasn´t. :slight_smile:


Don’t be shocked! Even children nowadays can find the extremes of human sexuality and beyond on porn sites via smartphones.

The models of those strip poker games would run away in fear from contemporary times if they knew what’s happening now!
I recently listened to a speech by philosopher Umberto Galimberti, which said how we societes of the western world have lowered our aim to educate new generations.

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True, but my memory of those computers is as educational tools in schools.

I bet the teachers installed those types of games and had fun on their lunch break :laughing:

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