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Annoying "enable notifications" message


Every time I log into this forum I see a “would you like to activate notifications?” message in a yellow bar.

I don’t wan’t to activate those live notifications, so how I can deactivate the message and/or the live notifications? I haven’t found any options in the preferences.

Or do I have to activate the live notifications to get rid of this annoying yellow message?


You haven’t said which browser you are using.

Normally you can block a site and then you shouldn’t be asked again.
You can even disable asking for notifications altogether and your browser won’t ask for any site anymore unless you manually whitelist one.

Take a look at your browser settings.


It’s not browser depended. I’m referring to this message:

I did that already. :slight_smile:


Oh OK, then just override its style to hide it.


So Discourse hasn’t an option to turn it off?


You can enable or disable browser notifications.
But when browser notifications are disabled it shows this yellow message and I don’t see another way to hide it.

Have you tried enabling it and then disabling it?


Doesn’t work. :frowning:

So I guess I have to live with it or to override the style. Thanks for you help!


Am I the only one who constantly does this? Websites are pulling off all kind of stupid design decisions all the time.

e.g. GOG recently changed their game cards so it doesn’t show ANY useful information on the first page except the price. When I am using a site regularly I wouldn’t want to cope with that.


I admit that I’m too lazy for constantly doing this. :wink:


Using Stylus it’s two clicks to get to the editor.
Then add CSS, save and done.

(Of course beforehand you use the browser’s developer tools the get an idea what styles to change.)


Define constantly. But yes, of course I write my own userstyles. :slight_smile:


I’ve notifications blocked for (in Firefox) and can’t remember seeing anything like that yellow banner. Odd …


Same, btw.


Nor please write a European Regulation about it and send it to Bruxelles, I’ll sign it for one, thanks! :sunglasses:

PS. Notifications blocked on Firefox and I see the banner too, anyway.


My bad, I actually have 'em enabled, at least on this particular instance of Firefox. :blush:


Yeah, they’ll half-ass it, like everything else they do.

EU: Websites must ask for consent to store cookies.
Websites: We use cookies. Deal with it.

EU: Websites must ask for consent to collect and store private data.
Websites: We collect your private data. You can agree to this, or you can sod off.

Yes, most sites are in blatant violation of the GDPR. But without the teeth to enforce it, what good is legislation?


That’s exactly what I was thinking of! :grin: Better to laugh about it. I agree with you about making those rules really work. Actually it would be interesting to know if the European regulation requires the sites to ask consent, or if it requires to allow access to the content also to those who deny the consent. But in this second case, given the nature of the internet (everybody has the right to publish a content as preferred, with very few exceptions) then it’s probably not.

Rules that regulate the access to contents in the internet are a pale image of the complex system of laws that regulate them in the real world or in the other older mass media (Just think of a child which is properly kept out from erotic shops or adult clubs, from porn shows on TV, but with the smartphone his/her parents bought him/her, he/she can access with no restriction to the whole pornography and beyond human. This makes no sense at all.)

This opens a new and important argument. Which is the nature of the internet. I think that we have to start to finally consider internet the opportunity for everyone to publish a content, but not as the total freedom of publishing everything, and as anyone prefers.


There is no obligation whatsoever to ask for permission for functional cookies, which would be absurdly stupid.

There are two parts to that. Is it without teeth or has no one relevant been notified?