Any advice on which Adenture game to play?

I have loved MI2, TWP, Full Throttle Remastered, DoTT and The Dig (very much this last one, loved the airy SF-aspect). I played Deponia and found it a bit stupid (combining random objects witth little logic gets old really fast). I didn’t like the Fate of Atlantis (it felt a bit limited and far-fetched, too).
So, what do you recommend I should play ?
Thanks guys!

The basis. Maybe in reverse order: MI1, Zak, MM.
I didn’t mention Indy3 since you didn’t like indy4, but I liked it a lot.

Obviously: MI1, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Loom (EGA).

Not obviously: The Longest Journey, Syberia, Gemini Rue, Space Quest 1 VGA… And so many more.

To add to the list above: Grim Fandango Remastered

I strongly recommend MI 1 and Curse of Monkey Island to you. :wink:

Grim Fandango Remastered also might be a good choice, especially thanks to the new point & click mode.

Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion are older and not everyone’s cup of tea, because there are less hints and there are dead ends, especially in MM.

But they are @Someone’s @tasse-tee.





@Mikymike MI1 is so obvious it shouldn’t even need mentioning. :wink:

I really liked Loom.

Since you liked The Dig maybe you’d be into Primordia.

My wife says The Cat Lady is good.

Wait, what? They’re better than Sam & Max. #shotsfired

I couldn’t get into Gemini Rue. I only played TLJ for the first time a few years back and thought it was definitely worth my while.

S&M is a different type of adventure, more like DOTT, which OP liked, but yeah I enjoyed TLJ and Syberia more as well. And I agree with Primordia.

Oh yes!



I thought this was about:


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I like DOTT too. A lot. I don’t recall if I played Sam & Max before or after, but I played MI1, MI2, DOTT and Sam & Max around '01/'02/'03. It was perfectly decent. I finished it. But I liked it less than all the others mentioned as well as various other games I played around the early 2000s, such as MI4, Discworld Noir and Broken Sword.

I would also agree with the OP that Fate of Atlantis isn’t necessarily the greatest puzzle game, although I certainly wouldn’t say I dislike it as a whole. The story is fairly well written, the looks are gorgeous, and there are also a few really good puzzles. But it’s not Monkey Island. Sometimes it feels a bit tedious. That describes Sam & Max as well in a nutshell. Parts of it are somewhat like a throwback to pre-Monkey Island and as I recall it definitely lags in the middle.

I’m not saying one should avoid Sam & Max. It’s one of the classics. But you should definitely also play TLJ, much more obviously imo. :wink: Syberia is harder to recommend as a game but it’s a pretty neat experience all the same.