Anyone still playing CS 1.6?

Remember Dust2? :wink:
Anyone knows some good servers?

Sorry, no - I thought that all players moved on to the current CS version? (btw: I liked Unreal Tournament more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I think lot of them still play 1.6… it’s retro… Stuff that u people like…

Ok, I literally had to google all of that to know what it is about.
But no, a 2000-2010 modern warfare FPS isn’t retro to me. Dark forces and Jedi Knight FTW! Oooh and outlaws.

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Oh, yes, great game. You can still buy it, btw:

To get on-topic: Wasn’t there an “outlaws”-map for CS?

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I played a demo way back when it was released and it’s on my whishlist, but it will need to wait in line (and a long queue at that). Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever play CS in this life, so I’ll let you get back on-topic.

So when can we expect to see a multiplayer vr game, then?

So far I´ve only seen Star Trek Bridge Crew, and that looks tons of fun!

Is this retro?

Erm… as I indicated before the qualification “retro” is in the eye of the beholder. IMO an old game is not the same as retro. (old is also highly subjective, but for me anything from last century; your milage may vary. I think it is one of those things that is relative to your own age). Retro means deliberately trying to recapture the older spirit/aesthetics. When Doom came out, we all drooled of the super hi-res textured. But couldn’t run it on a 386 :frowning:

That does sound a bit condescending …
I just happen to like to play/replay stuff I grew up with. So any game that is 10 years old (which kids today might call retro) doesn’t automatically qualify as retro to me. I already have more than enough games to play/finish, so I am happy to focus on a certain time period with the occasional modern game seeping in (although by the time I’ll get around to those, they’re usually a couple of years old and fortunately cheaper too.)

Yes! :slight_smile: We used to play that in multiplayer mode at work. That was fun, even if the maps weren’t made for deathmatch…

(Who remembers the cheat codes? :slight_smile: )

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I remember having to delete everything else from my 120 MB hard-drive just to install that game! And it was worth it!


We might need to add a new discussion about what qualifies as “retro” and what not.

I draw the line at the technical limitations. Something around year 2000, when GPUs began to be the standard and graphics in games switched from make clever use of what you have to do whatever you want and buy new hardware in case.

So while GTA3 is 17 years old, I can’t consider it retro. I’d have problems even in considering Half-Life a retro game. Mayyyybe Fifa 98. Maybe. Not even Grim Fandango.

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Me too, for a few reasons.

I’ve done that here:

For example? :slight_smile: Unreal Tournament was a lot “faster” and the game modes were single player friendly. So people can join and leave whenever they wanted.

Yes, the speed was one of the reasons. Also, the maps from UT attracted me more - and the Unreal Engine was superb. It was fun to create own maps for UT.
Furthermore, there was a very practical reason: I sucked in CS, because my friends spent more time with that game.
Some people preferred CS, because it was more realistic, but in my opinion this was not a point.


Besides CS, Q3, UT, CoD 1 & 2, Joint Operations, and Battlefield 2, we also ended up playing a lot of Urban Terror CTF. Yes, that also abbreviates to UT, lol.

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