Looking for a game, but can't remember the name

10 points for the topic rhyme.

After reading all the topics about old console games, I thought this topic might be interesting. I’m sure we all have lots of memories of games we played, whose name went absolutely forgotten. The idea is to describe those games here, in the hopes another forum member knows what we’re talking about.

I start: I’m looking for a turn based artillery game, like Gorillas.bas. However, this was “3D” - you had a fixed base and a wireframe-looking scenery, so instead of just specifying pitch angle and power you had to write also the angle in the xy plane. I remember that there were different weapons that had different outcomes (kinda like in Worms), some were limited in use but made bigger damages to the terrain, and there was a “napalm” that created a pool of fire that extended around. The scenery was recomputed after every shot, it was quite slow. But there were no textures. You couldn’t move your base.


After @ZakPhoenixMcKracken helped me to finally identify “Shootout” after 25 years, I am absolutly down (and positive) for a topic like this!

I had it in drafts since a month, I just forgot to push “submit”. I found it again as I was trying to open a new topic on something completely unrelated :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Gorillas, Artill, Worms of course, but I never played a game like you described…

This makes me wonder about other hidden treasures you may have in the pipeline. :framed_picture: :ring: :crown:

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I’m afraid my description will be quite vague, but… Strategy war game.
Pre 1989. EGA. You had a map with the mission to accomplish, you had to place troops and whatever. Then there was a tactic sction, but I really don’t remember any more. Quite foggy, I’m sorry.

North & South?

Ooh, nice one. But no. It was about modern warfare.

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Define modern. Like 20th century. World War 2?

I wish my memory was half as detailed as Guga’s dreams.
It wasn’t WWI. More modern. It was either WWII, or later conflicts (eg Vietnam)

But for DOS - not Amiga?

I played it on DOS.

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Hm… then I have no more ideas at the moment.

Hm, I had (still have, but not here) a shareware CD-ROM with a bunch of Scorched Earth type games one of which kinda was like what you’re describing… what era are we talking exactly? My shareware CD was from '96ish with a wide variety of shareware, probably from about 1990-1996.


Or Abrams Battle Tank?

That might be what I’m referring to btw.

I think the CD-ROM I’m talking about might have been one of these: THE BEST OF SELECT Games Special 4 ( Select CD ROM)( 1996) : Select CD-ROM : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

(However, I know it’s not that one because it doesn’t have Hexen or C&C, but stuff like Alone in the Dark.)

Big Three?

I was in middle school I think, so 1995-1998. It was almost surely a DOS game. The terrain was 3D but it was not a 3D game, in the sense that you couldn’t navigate the scenery. It was mostly black, and your base was just a small red or blue cube.

Huh, that doesn’t sound familiar at all.

Btw, this probably isn’t interesting to any of you guys, but some German guy went through volumes 1 and 4 of that Best of Select Games Special series. Of course volume 1 is apparently not the one I have either…

Today, in a moment of serendipity I found it. It was Lost Patrol. It wasn’t pre-1989, indeed.
And it was a DOS Amiga port.