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Your Original Game Ideas

While driving home today, I got a great idea for a game. Well, a funny idea. Perhaps.
But since I will never have the time to make said game, I might as well post here about it.
And if there is enough interest… who knows?

Anyway, welcome to the Wouldn’t-it-be-awesome-if-a-game-existed-that-…!!


… is an FPS game (first person shooter) that takes place in the Star Wars Universe, but you get to control a bunch of Stormtroopers who need to stop the movies’ protagonists in whatever heroic missions they’re on. Of course when you aim and fire at them, the game engine physics will randomly deflect your laser shots making it near-impossible to hit them.


Sounds like a feature already present in every shooter I tried playing so far :smiley:.


Back in the day I used to think it’d be really fun to have an RTS where you could jump into an FPS (like SoF) and/or vehicular combat game (à la Interstate 76).

And the heroes have instant hitscan.

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A football referee simulator.

So, FIFA played by two computer teams, but you move the ref in a FPS fashion. You have to take care of good positioning, making correct calls, maintaining stamina throughout the whole game. The system “knows” what the correct calls would have been and rewards you making your career advance until you can referee the WC final.


Yes, but it is a MFPS: a Massive FPS. So you get an whole lot of stormtroopers to control and re-spawn to.

Alternatively and making up for a longer game formula (longer than the novelty of playing the bad guys who can’t seem to aim properly) would be that you need to herd the protagonists like sheep towards their goals. Using a lot of noise and laserfire so Lord Vader and Palpatine don’t get upset and choke you.

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I loved the Command and Conquer games, and used to think it would be a great idea if you could jump between the standard RTS perspective and FPS/3rd person perspective live, where the AI would take over the RTS part, finishing your most recent command and then take over from there until you switched back, though you would be the “rogue” soldier or tank and could control yourself.

I called RTS perspective “Command” mode and the FPS/3rd Person perspective “Conquer” mode. I thought I was a genius! :smiley:



There’s apparently also something newer:

I would like to see a simulator/puzzle game that let you know how the most used appliances, equipments work and let you repair them.

In between a green economy re-use mood and a MacGyver look.

Never forget to pay more than twenty bucks for a computer game, even if this time you could save the amount multiple times!


One idea I had between playing Lords of the Realm and reading A Song of Ice and Fire was a strategy/management-type game with a dynasty mechanic, where you would have to ascend to power in a medieval society, gaining land and influence more through marriage and intrigue than by open war (though that would remain an option). The dynasty (and game) would continue as long as a descendant would be around to take over, and his or her skills and abilities would be greatly influenced by those of the parents. Depending on initial difficulty setting, you’d start with a lower or higher position in society, with the ultimate goal of winning the throne.

I’m not sure if anything along that line exists by now, but I believe Massive Chalice has a somewhat similar ancestry/genetics aspect and I would assume Europa Universalis might actually offer a lot of the intrigue and behind-the-scenes power mongering, except that it has players leading a whole nation.


I was totally going to say that. :wink:

I’ve never really played either one, but isn’t that part of the mechanic much stronger in Crusader Kings?

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I just remembered it was something by Paradox. Europa Universalis came up first, and it looked close enough, so I stopped my research there and then. But now that you mention it, Crusader Kings was the one I had on my mind.

Formula 1 referee simulator. You get 1.000.000 points for a right call.
The total amount of points for any player would be 0.


Armadillo bowling!
Remember those cheating hedgehogs in the cricket game in Alice in Wonderland?
Turns out their hard-shelled cousins are perfectly suited for the bowling alley.
Nail those difficult splits with your “beastie” after-effect!


What about a game in which the hero is an obese italian plumber, who can jump as a ball, eat viagra mushrooms and can get money by smashing his head on the ceiling?

Uhm, wait a minute. Naaah, awful idea. Who might ever enjoy playing such a silly thing?


Who cares, as long as it an original game idea you can go as crazy as you like!
(But indeed, yours must be by far the economically least successful idea here so far. Perhaps with a point & click interface it might still appeal to a niche market.)


And if we exchange the italian plumber with a girl who has a punk hairstyle, name the girl Giana, change the viagra mushrooms into lightning and the money into diamonds…? :thinking:





Incidentally, in Ion Fury I saw a pizza box that said something like:

Cowabunga Pizzeria
It’sa me, pizza!

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