Anyone still playing GTA Vice City?


A relative of mine just stopped playing it. :slight_smile: But hasn’t @milanfahrnholz said that he is playing that in VR? Or do I mix that up with something else? :thinking:

And GTA Vice City?

Yes you do! :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly there is no VR GTA on the horizon and Vice City would be much too old for that anyway, there isn´t even a HD version still.

It´s been a while since I played Vice City, I finished the main story 2 or 3 times. But at the moment I don´t have the game near me. Maybe I get the PS4 version some day.


I only play GTA V sometimes.

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I only have a CD-ROM of the original GTA.

I might have it on Steam though…

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I play it every so often, on the road to 100% I only have a few stunt jumps left, gta hasn’t been as good since that game. It was the series peak to me


Yeah, think I was pretty close the last time myself. For some reason I sometimes just enjoy crusing through town, collecting the money from all my businesses while listening to my favourite radio station (I even have a fixed route for doing that).


This might become my favorite game for cruising from now…