Let's have ideas for a new DLC

We are a big community, with a lot of imagination. Maybe we can make something big (or small too) for the game. Maybe ideas for a new DLC, expanding the history, a “post-game history”, the life/memories of Reyes and Ray, or a completely alternative ending. Just let your mind fly…

Thimbleweed Park did a lot in my life, and I think it’s time to return the favor.


A DLC of the whole game done in the original wire frame art style =)


A whole new language pack, in your native language?


I really doubt the developers will do any dlc
Or anything for TP but I really wish they would. I loved pretty much everything about this game with the exception of the plot twist ending which to me was way to “meta” for my taste.

I was kind hoping for a more murder mystery/ they’re replacing all the residents with androids plot twist instead. Which would have been great with the camera cut scenes and the characters on the corners table thing. That you can’t trust anyone even your partner would have made for a tense plot and gameplay.

That being said I hope they create a separate story but in the same universe, like maybe in a neighboring town somewhere that makes sly references to the original TP that ends up filling in some of the plot holes of TP. DLC would be perfect for this honestly.

But I highly doubt anything like that would happen because these kind of people tend to like to make a single unique game and move on to another single unique game. Which is cool don’t get me wrong but I honestly think you could make a sequel and still add new unique elements to set it apart without having to create a whole new world and new characters.


How about a backstory for Boris? :slight_smile:

Maybe he somehow knew from the beginning that he was in a game. He tried to do some investigating, but somebody found out and got him killed in the end. Who that somebody is depends on the choices you make in the game, but it could be:

  • The game developers. They intended him to be a minor character, nothing more. Who would want to listen to his German-isms for hours?
  • Chuck. He doesn’t think that Boris is worthy of following his clues and challenging him.
  • The Sheriff. He’s just concerned about the new guy lurking around his town-a-reno.

His daring escape from the DDR made possible by illegally smuggled American tubes.


I would like to have a spin-off or a prequel with the game developers: How did they get into their own game? And it would be cool if the developers are the heroes/main characters. :slight_smile:

A Ransome prequel would also be nice: How did he get the beeping clown he is in the game?




Go on, call your friends and start it!


[terrible stereotype]

If there won´t be any singing and dancing in it I will be severly disappointed.

[/terrible stereotype]


I want to play as the devs.

You know, right after the revelation, you take control of the devs because now the characters know too much. :smiling_imp: We put the dev in devil.


TWP has so many interesting characters to explore!

I would love to see DLCs (yes more than one) with short stories (say 1h to 2h gameplay perhaps). Each mini story would focus on one particular character. And there is no need to make it expensive: no new rooms or assets and no audio dialogue. Just a story with one or two puzzles.

And as a first mini story I would go with Bernard’s cousin Leonard. I like the idea of connecting TWP and MM more. :smiley:


Or we can have a DLC in which we can customize each character…?? What do u say?

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Yes, I would like this! I would make Ransome wear a hat, of course.



What about a DLC where you play as the sheriff/doctor/manager and have to deal with the main characters story.

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You mean three additional DLCs with three completely different story lines?


It will have a scene where two of them are in the same room and one says:" Hey guys, meet my pal Ed Swap!


Of course-a-reeno!




… a-who!