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The GTA V thread

OK, since many of us are playing GTA V (free until May 21st from Epic Games Store), let’s share in this thread our experiences!

My online name is ZakPhoenix, I still have to understand how to make a crew with only friends…

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I played GTA Online constantly from 2015-2017 and had so much fun. Loved running Special Cargo and Import/Export Businesses, and doing the street and Cunning Stunts races. Free lobbies were pretty fun to run around in too, the occasional buzzard or stolen jet buzzing around but nothing major :slight_smile: .

I jumped back on in December to see what it was like now. The map was full of rocket bikes and jets and orbital cannons and I kept getting bombed out of nowhere :D. It was interesting to see, but it’s a very different game to the one I left in 2017 :smiley:

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Do you need Rockstar Social Club for this? It is a requirement for the Steam version, but it is not listed in the requirements at the Epic site.

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I think you do. When I wasn’t logged in, the Online option wasn’t there.

Anyway I’m guga2112 if someone wants to add me as a friend. As I said in another topic, the last time I played online was more than 5 years ago, so it would be cool to try.

Yes, you do. It’s needed only for the first time, then you can play offline.

We should make a crew (I don’t know how to create one, though).
ThimbleCrew sounds like a good name.

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Sounds good to me! Pity that logging in online seems to take a small eternity, or is that just regular game loading times?

I suspect I’ve discovered the problem. I couldn’t seem to login on the website anymore either, and the password reset dialog gave me this:

I’ll give it another look in Windows later. I auto-generated a ~50-60 char pw as usual, and the maxlength on the field is 128… no errors were given about the length… one wonders if they ever tested this thing.

Just use “MonkeyIsland12345” like all of us! :laughing:


Alright, the game’s up & running. Can’t make heads or tails of how the performance works though. In 4k it seems to be always bad even when rendering the game at half the framesize (theoretically that’s the ideal, lower res moving stuff for performance & beautifully sharp UI elements), but in 1080p rendered at up to 1.75 framesize instead of AA it runs just fine at 60 fps. (Not that ~45 is unplayable, but it’s definitely less smooth.)

Anyway, that aside it basically looks like a really beautiful version of San Andreas. Jeesh, it sure likes to start out by dropping you in the action. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, after a few fine tuning, I play 1600x900 full screen, benchmark says 30fps.
It’s enough for me.

My username in GTA online is ZakPhoenix

I will connect at around 21 (CEST time)

What does one do together in GTA online?

I’m guga2112 but I can’t get online at the moment. I tried the story mode and *beep* if I drive like *beep*. I have to get used to the controls.

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Oh right, I think I had to go for Frenziefrenzz. :wink:

10 minutes is pbly a bit short to get it installed… so any Sushi out there you encounter is a fake one

Driving’s probably a lot easier with a controller if you have one because then you can precisely control the gas pedal.

Anyway, I didn’t notice it was 9 already, I’m on my way!

Edit: well, that all took an eternity, finally ready to go after a lot of setup/intro but now I gotta go for half an hour or so until 22. :slight_smile:

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Are you using the keyboard WASD ? Well, you have to get used… with a controller is simpler.

That’s true, and sometimes it fails to connect. I suppose their servers are stressed, too many connections.

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Sadly, it’s always been like that :smiley:

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No. Mine is “MonkeyIsland123a”.

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