Are we getting any moderators for this forum?

Just a suggestion to improve the site.

We do have moderators:

They tend to react to unpleasant things only when such things are serious (e.g. spam).

They don’t tell us how to write/behave, which leads to both positive and negative aspects. Generally a strong moderation is necessary when a community is so large that it’s statistically unlikely that all people behave politely. But we are a very small community and I’m not sure that a stronger moderation would make a big difference.

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I had not seen the group.
Sorry. But I would like to become one.

A non-existing town is a moderator?

Has there been a problem with lack of moderation? I’ve removed a hand-full of spams and a couple of nasty comments, but it seems to be pretty civil around where.


Yes, and it´s advanced tube technlogy has managed to keep us all at bay…so far…

Ohhhh, I only knew about the spam. :frowning: Given that I check here often, you must have done a great job at reacting quickly!

There must be some auto flagging in the forum software. I get a notice about “flagged” comments and I need to approve or delete them.

I’m sure I’m missing something. I have not understood your question and why you linked to the forum home page. :neutral_face:

Yes. My idea of good moderation implies free pizza every Wednesday.

They are very quick but Discourse is also an awesome software because it simplifies things and it makes moderation a community effort to keep the environment civil.

Well I for my part actually flagged a couple of times and it was always spam. 3 occasions tops.

He is refering to the user called Thimbleweed Park, who is one of the moderators.

Oh, ok, thanks. I didn’t realize that he linked that user’s profile.

It is.
Furthermore, I have noticed that some users changed they way of writing, from an initial aggressive approach to a peaceful one.
I believe the whole mood of this forum is fantastic, well self-moderated.


I’m just wondering what will happen if we all begin misspelling a particular name.

Like, you know, Zak MacKracken.

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I have rather been wondering how long it will take until all of us begin to spell it correctly.

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The only reason for me, would be to stay more on topic and make new threads for the “side talk”.

But that´s only my taste, others often said already exactly that is what they like here. Everything is disscussed right away.
(Edit: Without a question very interessting discussions on it´s own, but nobody can find them burried in other topics without reading just everything.)
For me it´s sometimes not easy, I´m not here 24/7. And sometimes a lot happens in between.
If I see a thread that has a really interessting topic for me, but has already 100+ messages and up to 80% of them have a completely other topic than expected. To find the “interessting” ones, that ones I came for, isn´t easy if you are always on the rush but try to get the essence anyways.

But again, that´s just my taste. And possibly it would be way less active here if it was my way.
Or somebody had to move everything of topic to extra threads all the time… THAT´S a fulltime job :joy:

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I am calm. Really. Calm.
Did I say that I am calm?
C like CrackenOfMyBoots
A like AreYouStillAlive?
L like LucasGeorgeWillFindYouAndWill…You
M like MMMMMMM!!!

C like Clash Of The Titans? :grin:

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Let’s just hope I will never get moderator rights!

Yes, we are not particular good at staying on-topic… I promise to improve!

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What’s wrong with drifting off the topic? A discussion always has a flow. After all, the topics ought to conduce to the discussions - not vice versa.

Because of exactly the reasons tlammert mentioned.

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