Why are you (still) here?

Looks like more and more people are leaving this forum and/or switching to Twitter. But a few of us are remaining - and I asked myself: Why are we still here? :smiley:

I, for myself, really enjoy(ed) the discussions here. And it’s sad that some of them will never picked up again - for example Tell me your dreams. There are only few posts here but they are all still interesting IMHO.

Plus: I don’t have a Twitter account and I’m too lazy to bookmark all other forum members. :wink:


‘Tis a community o’ ours. Scallywags are nah scattered around. We 'ave like-minded scallywags gathered here.

Fer me, I jus’ follow a few o’ ye on Twitter.


I visit every couple of days to see if there’s any news on the new game or if there’s cool new TWP/adventure game related projects :slight_smile:


I stay here because it’s a forum of friends before a forum for a videogame.

I have twitter, but I use it for my “indie dev persona”, and I’m happy that I have a way to contact some of the old members there, but I still prefer this forum.

In general, I like forums more than modern social media. It’s easier to create engaging discussions.


I really like this community or better the people over here. I´m not the one who writes a lot, but I visit this site daily or at least every few days tp check what´s new and what happened.

It feels like there are people that have things in common with me. At least the love for adventure games. There are Facebook groups and stuff out there too, but nothing feels like home like it does here. Maybe because most of us were already here during the development of TWP and we all contributed somehow to it.


As most of you already said, this is a welcoming community and it feels like home “being” here. I don’t have a twitter account 'cause I need to save what’s left of my sanity :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I check the forum at least two times a week and read most of the new posts, and everytime I seem to recognize a personal style in everyone, like if I really met any of you in real life (which happened for a few of the forumers). This forum is interesting also because we talk about (mainly?) many things that are not necessarily related to adventure games.

As for the specific reason, it all started as the continuation of the amazing conversations in the comments of the TWP dev blog (starting in 2014!), where there were many of you from all over the world. Then we moved here sharing the general interest in adventure games, and in works from the original LucasFilm Games team members. Also the Italian TWP dubbing, the adventure games related projects by many forumers to follow… And there’s a pleasure in knowing you all gather here, even if posting is not as frequent as in the beginning. I hope everybody, despite of personal vicissitudes, can still have the pleasure to pass by and say “hi” :slightly_smiling_face:.


Still here, because I’ve nowhere else to go*. And of course, because the community is super friendly, there are plenty of interesting topics besides TWP, and it’s probably one of the first places to learn anything about Ron’s next game.

* What I mean is that any alternative that’s not a forum just doesn’t cut it for me. I think serious discourse needs more than 160 characters and can’t happen if entries are being shuffled or filtered willy-nilly by some wacky AI. So anything that is Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc. are places I don’t feel comfortable being. A lot of the forums I did frequent just vanished, converted to one of these dreadful alternatives or simply stopped being fun. So here I (still) am :slight_smile:.


That reminds me: Ron and Terrible Toybox released a new adventure game about two months ago, and it’s amazing! :grin:


I’m still here, because:

  • I enjoy the people in here
  • There’s always something to learn
  • Sooner or later there will be news on Ron’s upcoming adv game located in Rome (rumors say he made a Colosseo with Lego for this purpose :grin:)

Twitter? Yeah, sometimes. Just to read something.


Twitter is cool for seeing some pixel art posted by @Guga or something, but not for the kind of discussion you see on a forum like this. As @kaiman said, besides another forum and in some ways something like a Discord server there’s nowhere I’d wish to depart to.


Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m not a “social network” guy. I’m more of a “forum guy”. Anyway, I’m less active here for the only reason the forum is less active, too.


I fear that he will announce it on his own blog and forget us… :frowning:

This Lego Colosseum is a very impressive building, btw. A friend of mine has build it too. But he also said that the building process was very repetitive.

Can we change that somehow? :smiley:


Same reasons. I feel comfortable with the people here. And yes, I hope someday Ron will post an update to a new game or to the fantastic Thimbleweed Park.


There will be “someone” who will re-post the news here! :smiley: :+1:


On second thought, I guess a mailing list or usenet group would also be okay :slight_smile:.

Though both would likely be more focused on a single topic and I definitely enjoy the off-topics here as well.


All of the reasons above for me.
Yeah, I might zoom out here for a few days/weeks/months even, but I know I’ll find back the “gang” here and can still join in any of the discussions.
When I check Twitter after a few days/weeks/months of absence, I mostly feel the urge to delete my account and remove the app.

On TWP forums, I always feel welcome to the party. On Twitter, I always feel like I missed the party.

Also, the search function here is actually useful and functional.

And where else can you use these emoticons and have an audience that gets it? :reyes: :delores: :ransome:

I check that blog from time to time - although the posting there is even less frequent and irregular than over here. Usually a new post happens right after I stop checking daily.


It appears from many posts here that we are not fit for the “FB-like” social network format. I think it is not just because of the fragmentation of the threads or the memes excess… The problem is, in my eyes, that “asocial” networks reflects a peculiar loneliness of the modern times, even enhanced by the pandemics. People goes to a forum to meet people and interact. Conversely, on the networks I have the sensation of millions of people, each enclosed in their bubble, just trying to give the world an image of themselves, being it truthful or not. This is my “status”, this is the landscape I see, this is the milkshake I drink, these are my new shoes. This is me, this is me, this is me.
Now, like me. Please.


Maybe it’s just me being old, but I also like Discord. It’s basically IRC. But since it’s more of a real-time chat, I find it hard to stay up to date when I don’t have time to follow a discussion. Forums are more slow-paced and I don’t feel the urge to skip most messages just to get to the end of the timeline fast.

But also:

THIS. I hate that I often miss interesting stuff on social networks because some dumb algorithm thought I didn’t need to see it. On forums (and discord) everything is there, I choose what to ignore.


More functional than useful. :wink: I use the search function regularly and it seems that it is much better than a few years ago. But I still find it hard to find things in the threads.

Same here! :joy:

So, @RonGilbert: Don’t forget us when you announce a new game!

I disliked the these networks, but wasn’t able to explain why. And this is the reason! :smiley: You are absolutely right!


I’ve got some pretty nice groups/contacts over on Discord. The disadvantage is that it’s pretty much completely hidden from the wider internet.

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