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People, come back!


I have noticed a lot of people left the forum. It is a pity, especially for many of the historical followers of the development blog.
What happened? Did you simply lose interest? Your life is much more busy? Or simply you’re just annoyed by the off-topics, you’re afraid this once-forum will be colonized in a few weeks by kitties, and you think that everything that is not directly related to adventure gaming or at least geekish things doesn’t suit The Real Nerd™? :grinning:

I remember a lot of interesting contributions by
Mattias Cedervall
Martin Wendt

and many others I don’t remember now.

How are you guys? Chime in, and say “hello”!

(…or “hallo”, or “hullo”, or “hillo”!)

We miss you! :hugs:

We have a lot of marvellous in-topics to discuss!

Disney stories inspired by Monkey Island!
New DLCs!
Animated Podcasts!
TWP Crosswords!
Transcription of podcasts!

And obviously, above all, THE ITALIAN FAN DUB!! (Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project)
…with new trailers coming day by day…

EDIT: still adding links…

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry

Martin Wendt is @enthusi

Don’t forget the good idea by Milan of a Fan Forum Podcast

This is an interesting topic, now that it’s a year since the creation of these forums. Maybe there are other good ideas for topics that can bring the site in new interesting directions.
It would be also useful to know what the developers and the moderators think about it.


I fear that we have scared them with too much off-topic stuff.

And don’t forget @seguso. We had interesting discussions about the UI interface. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Gffp ! I’d welcome any post linking intersting projects/threads (but be selective, please) and tagging people I forgot to tag
(Actually discourse has a maximum of ten tags per post)

I think off topics have a main role, too, but I think that sometimes there’s an over-reaction about that.
I didn’t forget@seguso. I mentioned ita”, but I thought he is anyway more active than many others, so I decided to make room for another name :blush:

And since we’Re waiting for an important dub by him, I like to think that seguso is still present :blush:


In a Wiki post too?


I understand your suggestion. I thought about it, but I also thought it was nice that everyone could add his/her own contributions, and to avoid to make a veeery long post which basically would have been a boring list of users and links. If the list of lins is too long, much better to navigate the forum categories… that’s why I asked “be selective” :blush:


Even @cvalenti would be fun to read something more from you!


Also there is this Thimbleweed Park themed role-playing game going on beneath the surface. It is like the prequel we are never gonna get elsewhere. :slight_smile:


From the slice of cake everybody has beside their name, I guess today it’s the first Forum Birthday!
It seems I’ve accidentally chosen a very meaningful date for this rebirth thread for the forum…


Oh, yes, there’s plenty of historical users who seldom post, like Carlo, or like @Nor_Treblig, to mention just one more. But I don’t wanna go off topic: this was a call for people who don’t post anymore…:wink:


@LowLevel was long prophesising that the forum will die sooner or later once the rate of active users has gone downhill too much. I guess he wanted to leave the sinking ship ahead of the event.


It happens for ANY internet community. The continuous turnover/refresh could help, but the peculiar theme of this forum doesn’t allow for it more than to a certain extent. Every single user, sooner or later abandons, and if they’re not replaced by new users, the forum dies. It’s normal. I think we are doing quite a good job: if we sticked to the game itself and its development, the forum would have been dead months ago.
But we are beyond that: so many projects are keeping the forum alive, and -I hope- help to keep the attention on the game high. After all nobody, neither the devs, would have suspected that the idea of a fan dub would have gone so far.
And if this project will come to life (and it WILL), that would be a son of this forum. And maybe some german friend could copy the idea, and keep the stuff hot for another year…:wink:


If that sentence over? :thinking:


No, today I’m messing with the commands. That’s the second post of mine that goes online before completion. Fixed.


I would like to, but I don’t think that there are enough German volunteers at the moment (beside Milan and me).


I thought the same when our project began.


Yeah but there are still only two active germans here. There were never this few italians.


But I am active in my mission to talk about interfaces. It’s just that there isn’t any right now.

And my secondary mission (following Ron Gilbert’s development) is also frustrated because he is developing under secrecy. If at all. The cuplrit is probably that GF of his (I understand that to mean “godfather” presumably).


Well, when the project started, we were just three Italians :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, not on the forum, but on the project. It just needed a demo video to get the interest going, then we got a bit of advertisement from a Lucas-oriented blog, but if I think of the actors involved, probably less than a third are forumers :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently I joined a day later than most of you guys. Oh well, I have real cake (red velvet brownie MM HM).