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Backers in the game

Inspired by List of Backer Items

One of the rewards was, I quote, We’ll name one of the supporting characters in the game after you and model them after your likeness. Kickstarter says it was selected by three backers.

So: who are these three? Supposing it’s not Ron David and Gary, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say for sure Ken Thien, as he’s referred by name and his looks differ too much in style from all other characters (compare with the developers, who are also real people as far as I know).

But I’m not sure who the other two are. My second suspect is Mr. El Paulo for the same reasons. And, if being the dead body hadn’t already been a separate reward, I’d say that Boris Schultz. One could argue that the dead Boris doesn’t anyway look like the alive Boris, so they can be considered two separate people, but still I don’t think Boris counts.

Is it Brett Lockdown?

What are your guesses?

One of them has to be Isabella with the spaceship in the bottle.
Another one is the bear paperweight in the bank, that also has a name on it.
Blanking on nr 3 right now…

Those are backer items.

The reward says that the three backers will be characters!

Really? I thought they just get their names on the items.

Mhhh, I think your suggestions aren´t bad then…

Another thing since the number that is written on the wall of the sewers seems to be randomly drawn from the phonebook I wonder if it is possible to have the name of a dev written on a wall. Imagine being saved by Ron Gilbert! Would be funny if someone would stumble across that and make a photo of it. Would be worthy of a contest…

They are:

  • Mr. El Paulo (bank manager)
  • Ken Jones (sells action figures at ThimbleCon)
  • Ken Thien (sells comics at ThimbleCon)

source: Podcast 67 @56:53


Your speedy and precision always impresses me…

I totally forgot about Ken Jones because he’s basically useless in the game.

Well, good to know I got near :smiley:

I could very well imagine a @ZakPhoenixMcKracken statue in the backround of the hotel…:thinking:

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I’m the kid in the Hotel, they modeled him after me:

(I’m joking!)


Are you so fond of that hotel kid because you were his age in 1987? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still his age, in 2017 !

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That’s because you don’t have kids.

I got 20 years older in these last four years.

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Backers in the game
Gamers in the back


I´ll never be an ace rap artist. :frowning:

I’m the Hiphopopotamus
My lyrics are bottomless…


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