Non-physical backer rewards


I’m very satisfied about the project. Everyone involved was/is so kind and working so hard. Thank you very much. Again and again.

I backed at the $150 pledge level for the wonderful signed box and I received it already. I put it next to my signed TSoMI box on display. So pretty. :slight_smile:

However, I wanted to ask how far the rest of the non-physical awards are? I already got the digital game and the soundtrack in the end of March, but I’m still waiting for the “making of art” PDF.

Does anyone know when it will be available and distributed?
Did I miss it somehow?

Thanks for clearing this up.
Mario :reyes:

The making of PDF is coming soon.

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Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to it. I appreciate your fast answer. Have a nice day. :delores:

Does that mean that the PDF is coming soon or that its making is coming soon? :neutral_face:

To clarify… the PDF of the Art Book is coming soon.

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It seems like the artbook PDFs are now being distributed. I’ve received a Bandcamp key ~5 hours ago! Woohoo!

I still have to receive my personal spaceship in bottle, but I am glad to see that those items are being sent.

Disclaimer: it’s only a dream, not the reality :neutral_face:

Yes! I received it too!
The Art is magnificient. The game is so beautiful.

I am so happy right now.
@RonGilbert: Thank you so much for everything! It really is my favorite journey, and I received so many things for that amount of money. THANK YOU AGAIN! (Sorry for yelling!) And sorry for being impatient the last weeks. The wait was worth it. <3

I got an email saying there was digital content available for my PledgeMaster order but after logging in I don’t see anything. I pledged for the making of PDF, it’s not that you received, right?

Sounds like you should email terrible toybox support for help, but one thing you might have forgotten to do, is on that PledgeMaster Page, I think there is a button for “Claim My Codes” or something like that, which you may need to click first, for them to show up with their bandcamp claim code for the Making of PDF.

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Hey Guys, i did not back the game but i´d be interested to know what the content of that pdf is. Is there any valuable information about the design process that can´t be found in the blog or here? Thanks! <3

If I remember correctly, it is the pdf of the artbook.
You can get that physical book right here:

It does contain some info that wasn’t on the blog. But not a whole lot.
It does have some cut art (like a cameo of Sushi in her fishbowl, which you can see on one of the pictures in the link above)


Thank you @Sushi ! I could not find it because i was searchin for making of instead of Art book…

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