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Best memory/association attached to Thimbleweed Park


Can’t remember what exactly I tried to do, but obviously my attempt was unsuccessful because Agent Ray then said, “Well, that accomplished a fat load of NOTHING.” That made me laugh so much because I was stuck in the game at that point and Ray was totally reflecting my feelings at the time. :slight_smile:


Must admit I didn’t hear about this game until late in development. Wish I’d been able to back it and see the whole process and enjoy the suspense leading up to the final release!

Does anyone else feel that it being set at dusk/evening just totally added to it’s charm? Something about that time of day just seemed to totally fit the game and made it all the more relaxing to play


Absolutely! This is a recurrent theme in games made by Ron Gilbert. There’s a piece somewhere where he explains this. (TWP dev blog maybe? can anyone remember?)


Or in one of the podcasts? I’ll search for it, but probably @Nor_Treblig is going to beat me to it!


Yes, I think so too.
And speaking of development: The main game happens during the time of day as we see it now, but flashbacks were originally meant to happen during different times of the day. But this turned out to be too time-/cost-intensive.

It’s called blue hour, this is the earliest post:
(and there is the comment from Ron about day time.)


That’s it! Thank you. @Nor_Treblig You should be named the TWP (un)official archivist :slight_smile:

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It also has this wonderful quote
“Thimbleweed Park is a throw back to Maniac Mansion, not Monkey Island. Please keep in mind that we are sharing very early art. It will be in the style you are seeing, but it will go though a lot of refinements: lighting, shadows, texturing, etc. It is still going to basically look like this, but just better and probably not so flat. But, it’s not going to look like Monkey Island, that’s not the art style of this game.”
Reading that in retrospect is very interesting.

I also have fond memories of Gary being way more active on the blog comments (and us Thimbleheads were way more shy in replying or commenting to each and every thing).
As soon as the crunching started this reduced a lot, understandably. But those first few weeks/months on the blog were pure gold to experience and still worth looking into today for people who missed out on it.


btw: Are the icons final now? :thinking:

But seriously: These things, like the toilet paper orientation or the speck of dusts are the things I will remember and connect with the game - beside being part of the development process and this great community. :smiley:


During the Kickstarter I was thrown between just getting the download game only or actually paying a lot for the boxed version. I wrote @RonGilbert that I was unemployed and probably couldn’t afford it, but then he was so kind and he wrote back that the box will be cool, filled with fun stuff, but eating and rent is also important. :slight_smile:
So he convinced me to spend $150.

Also I loved to meet him here in Berlin (very close to my apartment) on his promotional tour just a few month before the game came out, I shook his hand, asked him about the box and let him sign my TSoMI box.

These are my favorite memories.

I also have one from the initial day the game came out, I didn’t have internet in my dormitory (yes, I found a job) and one of my co-students was so kind and letting me download Thimbleweed Park on her mobile phone internet flat rate. So that I could play from day one!

Yes, happy times. I only have good memories and I’m looking forward to buying Thimbleweed Park for the fourth time, this time on my Switch. :smiley:


As much as I loved the game, the best Thimbleweed Park memory, was the Kickstarter announcement. I wish Broken Age didn’t happen first (given how it ended), because it was the same kind of feeling. Something that seemed impossible, now had a chance to happen and the future seemed brighter.

Too bad, we’re in the same place again!

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How it ended? Sign me up for another Double Fine Adventure! :slight_smile:


Oh, I wouldn’t mind another game like that (the first part anyway), I just felt the Kickstarter was misleading.


Ron R. Ronman, selling previously owned game boxes like they were hot cakes!

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Meeting my mistress, Delores.




Yeah, Delores really steals the show :slight_smile:


No, :ransome: steals the beeping show.


For me is the supporting cast that steal the show… so many quirky characters!


You’re right-a-boo! I love the supporting characters-a-boo in the game-a-boo!