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Best memory/association attached to Thimbleweed Park


I played Thimbleweed Park during a stressful and difficult period, and going back to it every night was like escaping into a nice warm bubble. The story, setting and characters were all part of this experience.

I’d like to hear about your memories or associations with Thimbleweed Park if you have any :slight_smile:


I felt very immersed in the game world too, especially because of the soundtrack.

I remember my delight in discovering the tea in Madame Morena’s shop and the effect it has! It became the inspiration for my avatar and username :smile:


My best memory is both bad and good, the game had just been released and I set to download it immediately, though it was a Thursday and my internet is slow and it took the entire day, so I didn’t get the chance to start it up till Friday… but my job is weekends mostly and I was working until Monday Morning… so I had to wait the whole weekend because I wanted to sit down for a long continuous session… so when Monday came it was a whole week of playing thimbleweed. A huge relief and a lot of fun


For me the best memory is not only being able to play the game at the end but being involved in the whole development process over years in a passive way (or rather passive aggressive way, shouting angry comments at Ron in the devblog every time he changes a pixel :slightly_smiling_face:).


This is actually what I was just thinking. It was great to be (a very tiny) part of the development. It was something I was dreaming about some 28 years ago.


What @Nor_Treblig said!

Plus getting to know some ransom random nice people thanks to that game.


2017, February the 4th.
The first time I played the game, the Ransome flashback, with Jenn Sandercock watching me and asking me feedback. That night I had the chance of looking into Ron Gilbert’s eyes and saying him “thank you” for Monkey Island.
Well, that was a night.

I’m waiting for the second best memory. It still has to happen, but it will soon. When the italian dubbing will be available for everyone to download. What an effort.


Meeting my girlfriend through this forum.
Figuring out that Radio Tower Puzzle.


It was a tough puzzle.


Which one of the two?


I was enjoying myself quite well with the game for a few hours. Then I discovered the bookstore, where I looked at probably all the book titles for at least an hour, maybe two, which led me to a post on the development blog. I later spent a significantly longer time browsing the library.

A couple of weeks later, after I’d finished the game, I read or at least skimmed the full development blog, listened to all of the podcasts (not always attentively, but while washing the dishes and stuff like that) and ultimately ended up on this forum.

Basically I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t learned of the game’s existence prior to GOG sending me a promotional e-mail about it.

Anyway, the fan-added value in TWP is my most unique association with TWP. I’m not personally familiar with anything like it. (Not counting the MI2 library.)


Sounds like you definitely played it the right way (looks up beanbags on Amazon) :smiley:

Totally agree, the fact that this game is probably going to be one of a kind made it feel all the more special. You can feel the love Ron and the guys put into every pixel of the game and it made it all the more immersive and part of the world.


The radio tower was quite difficult and also not quite as rewarding. :wink:


I’ve heard great things about the Thimbleweed Park Dating Agency :D. Happy for you :slight_smile:


:blush: stop it, you’re making me blush! You’re my best memory too



So, my best memory… I don’t know. I’ve been “obsessed” with this game for almost three years.

I’d say meeting Zak and Ema in person last year. When I was younger I was used to meeting people I got to know on chats or forums. Then I stopped, the years passed, things changed. Meeting them in person for the dubbing project brought back feelings I had forgotten.


Only mutual love for The Simpsons is true love, right? :smiley:



I don’t have any specific association with TwP, other than that it introduced me to the fabulous community over here (I think originally I only wanted to check if and when a physical edition would be available to non-backers).

Other than that, I’m not emotionally invested into the game.