… bowl of good video games

$44 FTL
$43 Memoria
$42 Ultima IX
$41 Dead Space 2
$40 Millennium 2.2 (Amiga)
$3F Tetris (Tetris Plus [GB], Tetroid 2012, Linos)
$3E Bomberman (Dynablaster [Amiga], Bomb Mania [C64], Super Bomberman [SNES])
$3D Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Amiga)
$3C Broken Sword - Shadows of the Templar
$3B Stephen’s Sausage Roll
$3A Sam’s Journey (C64)
$39 Grim Fandango
$38 H.E.R.O. (VCS 2600)
$37 Shadowgrounds Survivor
$36 Archon (Amiga)
$35 Braid
$34 ▊

There exist a number of further great freeware Tetris clones. I can’t remember the names right now. Any suggestions?

I wrote an optimized Boulder Dash engine on the C64. Currently, only Crazy Dream 10 is using this new engine.

And of course, if you like to play Boulder Dash on modern computers, there is GDash.


Thanks, I’ll check them out.

Why did you decide to go with a original/static instead of a more dynamic clone? For instance, animating the movement bewteen the tiles in order to loosen things up.

The Boulder Dash physics allow hundreds of items moving around at the same time. It is just impossible to animate that with smooth movements on a limited platform like the C64. One of the biggest limitations of the VIC-II is the inability to define a virtual screen, so you have to do the scrolling in software, taking up quite a lot of the CPU time already.

If you want a modern clone with smooth graphics, yet keeping the original physics (not 100%, but still far better than most other clones), try Boulder Remake.

I think you could do it and adapt the game accordingly. It’s another question how much effort it’s worth to you. You might better invest the time into the game on advanced specs.

Boulder looks neat, the smoothness adds life to the scene.

Your first level is a nice introduction, the second one feels too hard.

After the huge feedback on the Tetris clones, I think, I should try another one: What ‘was’ your favourite Strip Poker game?

Samantha Fox!!! Ahem. I don’t feel very -hm- comfortable at the moment, because that game came immediately up into my mind. I’m not sure what does that mean…

btw: Were there any other games? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you buy the game?

I raise with Hollywood Poker Pro for the Amiga (Hülsbeck).

Ehrm… Do I have to answer this question? :wink: No, seriously: I never owned that game. I played it on the computer of a friend. And I can’t remember if he bought it (I guess he pirated the game.) But I never got very “far”: I was young and didn’t know how to play poker. So the game wasn’t interesting to me at all.

Oh, yes! I haven’t played the game but liked the music. I have the remix(?) on one of my music CDs …

$34 Bone
$33 Black Mesa
$32 Decathlon (C64)
$31 Demon Attack (VCS 2600)
$30 Tender Loving Care
$2F geoDefense (iOS)
$2E PathPix (iOS)
$2D Dragon Age 2
$2C Hollywood Poker Pro (Amiga)
$2B Monkey Island 2 - Le Chuck’s Revenge (OPL2/3)
$2A Kingdom Rush Series (iOS)
$29 Tempest (Arcade)
$28 Day of the Tentacle
$27 Captain Cowboy (iOS)
$26 Wizard of Wor (Arcade)
$25 Titan Quest - AE
$24 ▊

$24 No Man’s Sky
$23 Xevious (Arcade)
$22 geoDefense Swarm (iOS)
$21 Geometry Wars 2 (Xbox 360)
$20 Symbol Link (iOS)
$1F Half Life 2
$1E The Last of Us (PS3)
$1D The Bard’s Tale
$1C Voxatron
$1B Frogger (Arcade)
$1A Discs of Tron (Arcade)
$19 Master of the Lamps (C64)
$18 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
$17 Asteroids Deluxe (Arcade)
$16 Dungeon Master (Amiga)
$15 Jumpman (C64)
$14 ▊

Which version? I assume the one for the C64? Or do you mean this PC game?

$5B due to the design, the sound and its graphics.
$4E for being a good game and utalising the hardware nicely.
$1D (mac/pc) for being a funny and hearty game.

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$14 Into the Breach
$13 Iron Marines (iOS)
$12 Chuck’s Challenge 3D
$11 Naya’s Quest
$10 ▊

$10 Jammin (C64)
$0F The Chaos Engine (AGA)
$0E Marble Madness (Arcade)
$0D System Shock 2
$0C ▊

$0C Age of Mythology
$0B Beyond - Two Souls
$0A Quantum Break
$09 Doom
$08 ▊

$08 Diablo III
$07 A Wish Upon A Star *
$06 ▊

$06 Beat Saber
$05 Farben
$04 ▊

$04 Dicey Dungeons
$03 ▊

$03 Xob
$02 ▊