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hi! - seven games out of context - Sand Traps (Wii) - Donut County (Mac) - Lone Echo (PC) - Empty (Mac) - Pissed (Wii) - There You Go (Mac) - You Have to Win the Game (Mac) - bye


You could watch playthroughs of these games: Sumotori Dreams (PC), Four Last Things (iOS), Cube Escape - Paradox (Mac), Killing Time At Lightspeed (Mac), TISIC IZIEB (Mac), The Gardens Between (Mac), RGB Puzzle Platformer (Mac)


Maybe more than seven - 1 + 3 games to look forward to: Druidstone - Miegakure - The Last Of Us 2 - Jonathan Blow’s Sokoban - Zodiac and the Marauders of Sol - Ron Gilbert’s Rogue - Kingdom Rush: Vengeance - Diablo IV - At least one of Valve’s VR games


another – – · · · : Realm of Impossibility - Astroneer - Midnight Scenes - The Sun & Moon - Vox Machinae - Rogue Wizards - State of Mind


Richie’s Plank Experience is like a binary switch: There are people how jump and people who don’t.

Shooting zombies yawn and doing stuff in VR is easy but this is a huge step. It’s one of the scariest games I’ve ever played. Falling into the rope intentionally, in real, is way easier.

If you integrate such situations properly into a game, like, an adventure (some might favor a more story based mode too) , with the right production values and a proper platform, this could end up being a real system seller.

Kingdom Rush - Vengeance is good, as expected (will be added).

GolfPeaks is a neat. It reminds me of Spindizzy although it’s different. The level design could be better, 2/3 feel like an introduction and ‘boom’ it’s over. I like itch.

The game demo isn’t fab but Aquamarine looks good and sounds nice. Just watching her sitting on the island is inspiring. This (just even higher) is one way of how I would like to see adventures in the future.


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