Brazilian Portuguese

The Brazilian Portuguese translations have some issues.

  1. A few lines were not translated.
  2. Text in the Options panel is too long.
  3. Several lines in Yack choices are too long using the large font.

As much as it pains me, I’m going to have to remove Brazilian Portuguese if these can’t be addressed.

I think @Rodrigo was doing this one?

And the HELP section, too:

Plus, we’re also missing the intro screen text translation for Brazilian Portuguese.

Hmm, we have to test the large font, indeed. Not sure if all the lines will fit, even in italian.
I’ll check.

I also noticed in the new build, the “… click to continue” is not aligned right on several languages. This was due to a last minute change I made and will be fixed.

I confirm we tested with Large font, it’s ok.

:dizzy_face: after all the work I did to align them (I always forgot to do it), I was worried I messed it up eventually. I had three heart attacks before I reached the last sentence

Hi! Sorry, I was working pretty hard in my projects and didnt see this. I can fix It today. Most of them I think I already fixed and didnt push.
Can you wait some hours so I can fix and push It?

I have already corrected all that, it was in my fork of the project. Just forgot to send the pull request at the time. :sweat_smile:
Hope you guys see this before it’s too late :worried:

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Hey Ron, please also authorize my last pull request because the new lines (12475 to 12485) at the end were missing. They weren’t in the tsv files when I did the translations back then.
Thank you!

Pinging @RonGilbert

(Edit: Never mind - I see requests being pulled as we speak. Carry on!)