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Language status?

Where do we stand on the completion status of the different languages? I want to merge everything into the release branch of the game and start testing for a release. The released game didn’t have the text wrapped so it will take 1-2 weeks on our end to QA everything.

I’m excited about the new languages.


Dutch is mostly done as far as just translating the strings goes. If you’re okay with (potentially) some minor updates and refinements at some later date, I can probably submit a preliminary PR soon.

Translattions_cz is hopefully finished but I have not played through the whole game yet so it’s possible that some lines still need refinement.

However I noticed that the incomplete font NokiaSmallBold.ttf is used in the game too (when you set font to “Small”) so I am slowly working on it.

I’m not sure about the StartScreen because Guga has been silent last few days.

What is the issue with the StartScreen?

I guess that’s question for @Guga - our image volunteer…

I suppose all the image issues are described by Guga starting from post:

Sorry guys, it’s been a difficult week.

The issue is kerning/spacing in the Czech title screen. It looks strange. Other than that, both start screen and title cards are ready for German and Czech, I’ll make a pull request soon.

Italian is 100% ready except for one sentence, which I’ll change along with the images.

@Vit_Condak you were right, the spacing was all wrong. It defaulted to -75 when I changed the font to the extended version, while all other languages have 0. Now it’s solved!

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I currently have two issues.

One is with StartScreen. Somehow I get only two screens out of four in the sprite sheet, probably because it’s too big.

The other one is with TitleCards, while German works fine, it seems like it doesn’t look for the “_cz” version. I mean, the Czech translation is loaded correctly, but the art doesn’t work.

I’ll try again and if I don’t solve it I’ll just push everything except for the spritesheets.

@RonGilbert German TSV is complete. Only 10001 might need to be changed, if you want the translators to be mentioned there.

German StartScreen and TitleCard is on Gugas Workingcopy. Thanks @Guga

The issue with them all not fitting might be resolved by splitting up the text. TWP did this, but for Delores I didn’t bother (again, not realizing we were doing translations. I can resolve this on my end. As long as the PS files has the right words. So don’t stress over the TileCards, I’ll deal with it. As long as everything else is OK (such as the fonts (not including TrueCrime) had the right characters). If True Crime is causing issues, then flatten the layer in PS and add the accents by hand. It’s not a dynamic font used in the game, it’s just uses to emit .png files.

The latest version of True Crimes Extended should be working. It’s part of my pull request… =}

I can see how having a lot of languages is going to be a problem for the TitleCard sprite sheets. When I do the release build I’ll convert them back to elements like TWP and push those changes back to the DeloresDev github.

I’ll start working on the release build on Monday.


The PS files all have the text in all languages.

For StartScreen, in Italian I also translated the “all rights reserved” since I saw that the text was embedded in the background and I figured I could change it. But if you’re going to have a single background and make objects for the text lines, you can keep the English variant.

For TitleCards, the file has both text and rasterized layers for all languages, so even if you lack the updated font, Czech will be exported correctly.

Finnish is still long way from completing. Still about 400 lines to translate + the graphics. And the playtest is not (naturally) done yet. Except for the first room, and that test showed that there are a lot of corrections to be done on the translations.

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I going to send the current build through a few days of internal QA, then I’ll create a public branch on Steam to get a wider range people people looking at it.


I guess the release branch from which you build isn’t public… right?
Just want to make sure if I can commit/push to the master branch or if I should create a new branch first.

You can commit/push to your own master branch all you want, but that’s only in your own fork. :wink:

But yes, I’d create a new branch first. Easier to wrap your head around the various things you’ve got going on if master’s basically the same thing as upstream imho.

My SVN brain is sooo confused right now.
Anyway, I’ll add the in-game Dutch selection option. Hopefully when I push push button, the branch won’t share its fate with the Mansion mansion.

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