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Cardboard "Zak" Floppies signed by David Fox


There’s one of those too (its craterness doesn’t really show on the pic):

But it’s actually this cut in my postal code:


I do enjoy having these babies!


It is a trick to double its capacity.


For you kids who don’t get that


I remember punching holes in floppies with tools not intended for it. Worked fine.

To be on-topic, I’ll just leave this here.


I was referring to this:
Writing at different densities than disks were intended for, sometimes by altering or drilling holes, was possible but deprecated. The holes on the right side of a ​3 1⁄2‑inch disk can be altered as to make some disk drives and operating systems treat the disk as one of higher or lower density, for bidirectional compatibility or economical reasons.


Beasts… I’m sorry.


That crater is only in the corner of the envelope, not on the floppy, don’t worry! :slight_smile:


Jeez I just came across this thread, but what a nice thing to do for people David!


Indeed! Thanks @David and thanks @ZakPhoenixMcKracken! You both are the best! (And please @David, produce another adventure game! :slight_smile: )


Sure, “David Fox and the long long journey”, starring David and Annie walking across the Italian cities. The goal is to take as many pictures as possible before (and guess not!) dying :grin:


And there will be puzzles based on various ways to recharge the camera’s battery! :smiley:


Or maybe a collaboration with Red Thread Games? :wink: