Cardboard "Zak" Floppies signed by David Fox

Continuing the discussion from David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!:


OK, just to keep track of orders, please write here your requests or, if you prefer, write me a private message!
I’ll prepare the first packages this week.


I would like to have one, but I would like to wait if others desire them more. :slight_smile: Oh, and I hope that you keep some of them yourself, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken!

I was given a full disks set from the Festival organizer, mr. Marco Comar. He was very, very kind!
None of my disk set is signed, but who cares: 3 whole days spent together with David and Annie Fox, are like a big signature on my heart!!

The disks in the picture are exclusively for you, TWP forum users.


Please keep at least one of the signed. Some day you will regret it, that you have given them all away. :slight_smile:

Then let’s see who would like to have one. :slight_smile:

I’d love one :pray:

I haven’t requested one, I didn’t even know they were made :slight_smile:
But if there are some left I’ll happily take one.

I have six of those, but not signed. David’s signature is in the most important item (now safely at home), so no signatures needed in those floppies.


Wouldn’t everyone like to have one? :slight_smile:

(But uh, ignore me unless you can’t get rid of 'em or something. :smiley: )

I should have brought it with me when I had the chance :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Ok, I have one floppy for you each.
Please write me a private message with your address, thank you!

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Thanks so much! :grinning:


there are 2 diskettes left out of three:

I mean, one is reserved for one user who didn’t care of which one, so there are 2 diskettes more.

If you want them, write me, thanks.

If it wasn’t clear, it’s a gift, you don’t have to pay anything!


I would love one to go with my LucasFilm Games collection (which I’ve only just started), if any are still available.
Happy to cover shipping costs, etc. :smiley:

Ok, there’s only one left. Annie or Zak in green.
Write me a private message. It’s a gift, you have to pay nothing.

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Thanks, it’s here!

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BIG “Thank You” to @ZakPhoenixMcKracken - it arrived today! :blush::+1:


Oh, here’s mine. :slight_smile:


What’s that hole?!

Alas, shipping damage.

Looks more like the crater of a meteor …