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3D Printed Zak McKracken - STL File available

Sine I think this deserves an own thread I´ll open one


I will transfer some messages over here to have it in one place for others that are interessted.

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Yesterday I sanded it for about 3 hours (!) while wacthing netflix.
Wow it feels so lightweight, but sanding is very slow. But I´m trying to keep the sharp edges, so I´m clearly to gentle.
Started with 400 went back to 240 but ended at 180 papers which finaly made some progress.
Will continue this evening and will post my progress in this thread. I´m working an a 3d print for the first time, so we will see how it ends :smiley: )

BTW just in case somebody wants to make their own, here are some helpfull files for coloring it.
After Zak and I ordered, the maker Isabera updatet the STL files on thingyverse, she changed the hands a little bit. You can see that on the following pictures.


Except the first all of these pictures are from Thingyverse.


Even David’s one is hand-painted. And from the above picture, it’s crystal clear.
I add that the best site is
It’s a pool of 3D printer companies all around the world.
My order was forwarded to an italian company, which printed and sent the object to me.
That’s the reason of the lower shipping costs, too.


So, I have learned a few things. If you use pla for printing you get good details and sharp edges. But if you want a smooth surface you need to sand a lot. Acutally I sanded it for about six hours. It took so long because I wanted to keep that sharp and clear edges and this model has a lot of them. And a lot of small tiny areas you can’t sand easily.

I got a very smooth surface eventually and was happy with the result.

That was wasted time since I used acrylic paint, the kind that’s used for paintings.
It partly created a ruff surface.
That’s what I had on hand.

I’ve also learned I suck at coloring things. At least things like this, that have very small areas and where you have to paint pixels that are supposed to be square. With a brush…

I not really happy with the overall result but I keep it as it is. I’ve put way to much time in it already.
Also I wanted to give Zak his original hair and shirt color, but I couldn’t mix the right colors. So I have him the same blue like on the picture with David.


Masking tape. :slight_smile:

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You did a great job!
I don’t had the time to scrub the surface, nor to paint it, yet.
But your result is great!

nah… I still have white spots here and there and painted with one color into another on other parts.
It was way worse but I tried my best to correct some mistakes. a lot are gone but it´s still not how I wish it would be.

Black on the legs was just perfect, everywhere the same tone after just one layer of paint.
Espesially the Blue on the shirt drives me crazy. I can´t count how many layers I painted there already, it´s still has different toned spots.

Trying to paint these tiny edges, you always touch the wrong place and need to repaint that too ^^

I said I take it like it is now, but I know me, I will at least try to paint the white spots and to get the shirt uniformly toned.
Should have asked somebody who knows what he does :smiley:

I wonder if a multicolor printer could print Zak with color :thinking: :laughing:

Edit: Another nice example :slight_smile:

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It wouldn’t have been costed only 15 euros…

That´s for sure. :smiley:

Thanks to Serena’s father (a great painter), who painted my Zak 3D model for me :heart_eyes:


Wohoo! Looks really great! Is the light-brown hair intended or will the parts painted in dark-brown too? :thinking:

Intended. He said that he wanted to recreate the shadows!



10.03m? That’s the biggest Zak I have ever seen! (Not even the second biggest)


Yes, I’ll make a statue on our front yard for the amusement of the neighbors…
Actually, the height will be 10 cm. That 10.03 m is the length of the thread needed.


Oh, man! Now I would love to see that! :smiley:

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Hello everybody,
I hope you all have a nice Christmas!
I’m a big thimbleweed park fan. For Christmas, my brother printed ZAK incl. the room! :heart_eyes:

Greetings from Germany



This fits perfectly!!!

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